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==in order to avoid Edit War==Don't you look at "Recent Changes"? This wiki has many points to fix & make better. But it's also the huge database. If it isn't sure whether edits are valid, users (≠ editors) think this wiki is bad, because they don't know which section is under changing.<br />But valid edits must bring this database high. When you find sentences to fix, don't do it immediately. First, refer to Talk page of that article. Second, see another relating page to make sure your question is parallel to other description. Then you should write down your question/offering/suggestion at the Talk page. In this case, [[Talk:Phantasmagoria_of_Flower_View/Music#Kaeidzuka|Talk page of Music section of PoFV]]. --[[User:Masuo64|masuo64]] <sup>[[User Talk:Masuo64|Talk]]</sup> 03:33, 25 April 2013 (UTC)

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