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Perfect Cherry Blossom/Music

57 bytes added, 05:57, 25 April 2013
Undo revision 290200 by Masuo64 (talk) I've had it the only reason that the name was changed was because the User Never Got An Answer So The User Just Changed The Name With No One Else's Consent.
| category =Extra Stage theme
| title =妖々跋扈
| titleEN =Charming Domination/Youkai Domination
| comment =東方に珍しい疾走感の強い曲(か?)です。
| category =Phantasm Stage theme
| title =妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it!
| titleEN =Charming Domination ~ Who done it!/Youkai Domination ~ Who done it!
| comment =妖々跋扈の裏バージョンです。
| translation =Another version of Youkai Charming Domination.
It's not that different from the original though...

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