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Perfect Cherry Blossom/Music

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For 10 LONG YEARS It Has Been Known As Charming Domination, The User Never Gave A Reason Why They Changed It To Begin With & EVERYONE CALLS IT Charming Domination NOT Youkai Domination!!!!!!!!!!
| category =Extra Stage theme
| title =妖々跋扈
| titleEN =Charming Domination/Youkai Domination
| comment =東方に珍しい疾走感の強い曲(か?)です。
| category =Phantasm Stage theme
| title =妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it!
| titleEN =Charming Domination ~ Who done it!/Youkai Domination ~ Who done it!
| comment =妖々跋扈の裏バージョンです。

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