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Reimu Hakurei

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| occupation = [[Shrine Maiden]] of [[Hakurei Shrine|Hakurei]]
| location = [[Hakurei Shrine]]
| MusicThemes = *{{H:title|{{lang|ja|東方妖恋談}}|Eastern Mystic Mystical Love Consultation}} ([[Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream]], [[Immaterial and Missing Power]], [[Scarlet Weather Rhapsody]], [[Touhou Hisoutensoku]])
*{{H:title|{{lang|ja|少女綺想曲 ~}} Capriccio|Maiden's Capriccio}} ([[Lotus Land Story]], [[Immaterial and Missing Power]])
*Witching Dream ([[Lotus Land Story]])<ref>Although it is a stage 1 theme, ZUN's comments in th4_02.txt state that it is her theme.</ref>

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