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Rin Satsuki

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| appMiscworks = *[[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|Circle Cut]]? (C62)
{{nihongo|'''Rin Satsuki'''|冴月麟|Satsuki Rin}} is thought to have been the third playable character of ''[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]'' who was cut during production, but still managed to leave a trace of data about her name in the game data. Nothing is known about her, but the text "{{lang|ja|冴月 麟冴月 麟}}" (or the hex code "<tt>8D E1 8C 8E 20 97 D9</tt>") can be found in the data files "<tt>{{lang|ja|東方紅魔郷}}.exe</tt>" executable file near [[Reimu Hakurei]] and [[Marisa Kirisame]].
==General Information==
If the girl depicted in the [[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|circle cut]] ''is'' Rin Satsuki, then Rin appears to wear a large ribbon on her hair with cherry hair pins and a dress-like blouse. She holds an [[Wikipediawikipedia:Erhu|erhu]] upside down. The colours are unknown because the circle cut is in monochrome.

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