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I'm just a random girl who likes to edit music-related pages.
{{Infobox Person
| nameJp      =
| nameEn      = Tegamin
| other_name  = Violet, Ada
| image        = [[File:Tegamin_avatar.jpg]]
| caption      =
| charTitle    =
| born        = {{Birth date and age|1994|3|12|df=yes}}
| location    =
| gender      = Female
| occupation  = Music Pages Editor
| website      = [ Twitter]
I provide album pages and lyrics for circles I like and for rare stuff. I also add romaji, but there are some exceptions (I don't like the song, the lyrics are too difficult or I'm simply feeling lazy).

My current main objective is adding and fixing information on [[Buta-Otome]] pages (since they are my favourite circle :P): this will include their original stuff.<br />
Currently working on... random stuff according to my daily mood (?).
In the meanwhile I will also add other stuff...


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