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| gender      = Female
| gender      = Female
| occupation  = Music Pages Editor
| occupation  = Music Pages Editor
| website      = [ Twitter]
== To do list ==
I provide album pages and lyrics for circles I like and for rare stuff. I also add romaji, but there are some exceptions (I don't like the song, the lyrics are too difficult or I'm simply feeling lazy).
* Add/fix lyrics for [[Buta-Otome]]'s tracks not appaering in their albums
* Add pages and lyrics (as I can) for the following circles:
Currently working on... random stuff according to my daily mood (?).
**[[<echo>PROJECT]] (including [[Automata Girl]])
**[[Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets]]
**[[Studio Nenem]]
**[[Foxtail-Grass Studio]]
**[[Barrage Am Ring]]
**[[Pizuya's Cell]] (I'm not going to do the PZTR albums)
**[[UNDEAD CORPORATION]] (including [[Swing Of the Dead]])
* Transcribe some lyrics from [[東方幻奏響UROBOROS]]
* Add pages and lyrics for the following Tora no ana albums:
**[[東方イケメン祭 オリジナルアレンジCD]]
* Add pages for some albums owned by ''a certain person I love'' (mostly Koishi/Subterranean Animism-related)
**[[K14]] by Cajiva's Gadget Shop (need to transcribe [[Lyrics: close to you|close to you]])
**[[こいしちゃんとおそとのせかい]] by Forest306 (need to add lyrics)
**[[Ruination]] by Re:Volte (need page)


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