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Subterranean Animism

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*128MB RAM
{{nihongothtitle|Touhou |Chireiden|ruby=Earth Spirit Palace|東方地霊殿 ~ ~ Subterranean Animism|'''Touhou Chireiden ~ jp=東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism'''|lit. "''Eastern Palace of the Earth Spirits''"}} is the eleventh official game in the ''[[Touhou Project]]''. The trial version was released at Reitaisai 5, and the full version debuted at Comiket 74.
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ZUN has stated that the entire story was a result of his decision to use a partner system in this game, just like ''[[Imperishable Night]]''. The partners for [[Reimu Hakurei]] and [[Marisa Kirisame]] in ''Imperishable Night'' both shows show up again as the first choice.
Different A difference from other games is that you can still get good endings when you finish finishing the game on easy mode. Though However, the extra stage only gets enabled after did a [[Glossary#0-9|1cc]] on normal mode.
Just like ''[[Mountain of Faith]]'', ''Subterranean Animism'' had 18 tracks, but only 17 can be heard in the music room. The 18th track, {{nihongo|"Player's Score" ({{lang|ja|プレイヤーズスコア}}), is copied over from ''Mountain of Faith''.
The title screen is just like any other title screen, an arrange arrangement of {{nihongo|"[[Theme of Eastern Story]]" ({{lang|ja|テーマ・オブ・イースタンストーリー}}) from ''[[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5]]'' ({{lang|ja|幺樂団の歴史5}}). A recurring theme in the earlier stages of the game is that it is "cave-like", with lots of echos.
A couple of songs from this game have been arranged for other games and music CDs. [[Utsuho Reiuji|Utsuho]]'s theme, {{nihongo|"Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion" ({{lang|ja|霊知の太陽信仰 ~Nuclear Fusion}} Nuclear Fusion) was arranged by [[U2 Akiyama]] for ''[[Touhou Hisoutensoku]]''. {{nihongo|"Hartmann's Youkai Girl ({{lang|ja"|ハルトマンの妖怪少女}}), [[Koishi Komeiji|Koishi]]'s theme , was arranged by ZUN for ''[[Trojan Green Asteroid]]'' and was again rearranged in ''[[Hopeless Masquerade]]'' by U2.
==Additional Information==
* While you're playing, if you look at the right, you can see [[Reimu Hakurei]] written in yellow and [[Marisa Kirisame]] in green.
* Most of the characters that the protagonist meets think she is talking to herself at first, because the protagonist's partner is not visible.
==English patches==
*[ Alternative English static patch]
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==Additional information==
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