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Double Spoiler

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{{Infobox Game
| type = official game
| title titleN = {{lang|ja|ダブルスポイラー}}<br />{{ruby-ja|東方文花帖|とうほうぶんかちょう}}| titleEn = Double Spoiler
| image = [[File:Th125cover.jpg|256px|Double Spoiler]]
| caption = Double Spoiler official jewel case
*256MB RAM
{{nihongo||ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖|'''Double Spoiler ~ Touhou Bunkachou'''|lit. "''Double Spoiler ~ Eastern Album of Words and Flowers''"}} is a [[danmaku]] vertical-scrolling photography gameand the 12.5 official instalment of the ''[[Touhou Project]]'', released between ''[[Touhou Hisoutensoku]]'' (12.3) and ''[[Fairy Wars]]'' (12.8). It is a follow-up to ''[[Shoot the Bullet|Touhou Bunkachou ~ Shoot the Bullet]]'', which has a similar gameplay and concept.
==Name and Concept==
''Double Spoiler'' is the sequel to ''Shoot the Bullet'', and it is the second entry in the ''Touhou Bunkachou'' ({{lang|ja|東方文花帖}}) side series.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=東方Project 第12.5弾|author=[[ZUN]]|date=3 March, 2010|language=Japanese|accessdate=August 27, 2011|quote=今回はおまけ的な扱いだった東方文花帖の第二弾となります。}}</ref> This is the first ''[[Touhou Project]] '' title to have [[wikipedia:Katakana|Katakana]] in its name. Interestingly, on the jewel case, the translation of the Katakana word ''Double Spoiler'' ({{lang|ja|ダブルスポイラー}}) is misspelled as ''Double Spoier''.
This game shares the same concept as its predecessor: you start as [[Aya Shameimaru]] and take pictures of a boss character from one of the previous games. Also, a certain amount of "[[spell card]] captures" is required to proceed to the next stage. In the previous game, the bare minimum was three spell cards from each stage. This has been changed in this game: the bare minimum requirements decrease as the difficulty of the game increases, making it easier for players to unlock all of the stages.
According to [[ZUN]], the difficulty is set much higher then usual, as people will not discover Touhou with this game. Hence, it is harder to achieve an 'all-clear' in this game. <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=東方Project 第12.5弾|author=[[ZUN]]|date=3 March, 2010|language=Japanese|accessdate=August 27, 2011|quote=*注、他の作品に比べ(オールクリアの)難易度は高いので、鍛えておいてくださいね。}}</ref>
Aya Shameimaru, the [[tengu]] reporter, runs the "[[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]". She looks for and takes pictures of [[human]]s, [[youkai]] and any other beings that may be interesting to write about. Another tengu, [[Hatate Himekaidou]], runs the "[[Kakashi Spirit News]]", fuelled by her thoughtography. Hatate, wondering why Aya's seemingly ridiculous newspaper is so popular, decides to observe Aya as she gathers her news. This section of the story takes place as the player controls Aya. Upon reaching the Spoiler stage, the two meet, and Hatate declares war on Aya and her newspaper, expressing her disapproval of the tabloid, sensationalist nature of her newspaper. Hatate's journey is represented through the player replaying the game as her, seeing her take on the events Aya has covered.

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