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Impossible Spell Card

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{{nihongothtitle||弾幕アマノジャク ~ Impossible Spell Card|'''[[Danmaku]] [[Amanojaku]] ~ Impossible Spell Card'''||||jp=弾幕アマノジャク ~ Impossible Spell Card}} is a [[danmaku]] game and the 14.3rd official installment of the ''[[Touhou Project]]'', featuring [[Seija Kijin]] as the main protagonist. The game was released at [[Reitaisai 11]]. As the title implies, it is a spinoff game consisting mostly of (near-)impossible-to-beat spell cards.
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The player controls [[Seija Kijin]], who's using uses a total of nine different "cheat" items to survive and clear the spell cards. Two items can be selected before the spell Before each card, Seija is equipped with a main item and has possibly also a sub-item. The main item grants an activated ability with a maximum amount limited number of uses during while the card.Each sub-item also has grants a separate, passive effect when equipped as a sub-item.
The items are:
;{{nihongo|Bloodthirsty [[Yin-Yang Orb]]|血に餓えた陰陽玉}}
*'''''Main Ability:''''' allows Seija to teleport in front of the [[boss]], but the X button can be hold and moved around.
*'''''Passive Ability:''''' making her hitbox smaller.
;A {{nihongo|[[Miracle Mallet]] Replica|打ち出の小槌(レプリカ)}}
*'''''Main Ability:''''' allows her to swipe the space in front of her, dealing damage to the [[boss ]] if she is close enough.
*'''''Passive Ability:''''' increases the amount of times the main-item can be used, or in the case of the ''Tengu's Toy Camera'', ''Four-Foot Magic Bomb'', and ''Ghastly Send-Off Lantern'', it increases their proficiency.
==Name and Concept==
This is the first official ''Touhou Project'' work game that does not bear the kanji {{nihongo|Touhou|東方}} in its title(but not the first work overall as most CD titles also don't use the kanji). The Japanese part of the title starts with {{nihongo|"[[danmaku]]"|弾幕}}, referring to the main theme or genre of the game, while {{nihongo|[[Amanojaku]]|アマノジャク}} refers to the playable character's species: [[Seija Kijin]]. The term "Impossible Spell Card" is describing what the game is about: dodging danmaku that's considered ''impossible'', but are actually possible since there's a trophy that can be achieved if clearing all [[spell card]]s without "cheating".
Following the events of ''[[Double Dealing Character]]'', [[Seija Kijin]] has become a wanted [[amanojaku]] in [[Gensokyo]]. There has been signs saying that whoever captures her wins an a reward. Since Seija has become a rebel, youkai have decided to use [[spell card]]s that's considered impossible to dodge, but Seija is determined to not give up and decides to cheat using the said items.
Later on however, the [[tengu]] have taken notice and have written up a newspaper about her mischief, which causes stronger [[youkai]] and [[human]]s to try and capture her. [[Shinmyoumaru Sukuna]] confronts Seija and declares that she ought to return the remainder of the Mallet's magic and that they've lost the war that occurred during ''Double Dealing Character''. Seija, believing that using her cheating magic to conquer [[Gensokyo]], Shinmyoumaru states that they ought to surrender because she has had enough. Since Seija goes against her will, Shinmyoumaru goes against Seija and gets others to capture her. In the end, it's revealed that Seija has lost all of her allies, but it's nothing to worry about because the [[amanojaku]] can never really make friends anyway.  In the mini game ''[[Gold Rush]]'' that ZUN created for the Digital Game Expo, the story continues, albeit non-canonically<ref></ref><ref></ref>. Somehow acquiring the ultimate rule-breaking item, the [[Miracle Mallet]] (Real), Seija sets about robbing the [[Hakurei Shrine]] of its assets before the Miracle Mallet's power runs out.
The full game was later released at [[Reitaisai 11]] on May 11, 2014.
On November 16, 2014, [[ZUN]] released a mini game called ''[[Danmaku Amanojaku Gold Rush]]'' at Digital Game Expo 2014's "Doujin Shooting Game Caravan" contest, where it was available to be played. It's an extension to ''Impossible Spell Card'', but it's yet to be released to the public.
==English Patch==
==External Links==
*[ Official Trailer]
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