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Impossible Spell Card

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Name and Concept
==Name and Concept==
This is the first official ''Touhou Project'' work game that does not bear the kanji {{nihongo|Touhou|東方}} in its title(but not the first overall as most of know CD titles also don't use the kanji). The Japanese part of the title starts with {{nihongo|"[[danmaku]]"|弾幕}}, referring to the main theme or genre of the game, while {{nihongo|[[Amanojaku]]|アマノジャク}} refers to the playable character's species: [[Seija Kijin]]. The term "Impossible Spell Card" is describing what the game is about: dodging danmaku that's considered ''impossible'', but are actually possible since there's a trophy that can be achieved if clearing all [[spell card]]s without "cheating".

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