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Rin Satsuki

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*Fans have different interpretations of her appearance. The most common one is accepting the circle cut as a canonical depiction {{main|Fandom/Embodiment of Scarlet Devil#Rin then adding colour to her with blonde hair, a pink blouse with a red underdress ribbon, as well as having socks that're a light pink in colour. [[:FileSatsuki|l1=Fandom:Rin Satsuki (Fanart).jpg|This]] is an example.*Many fans suggest that Rin's more of a [[Fan-made characters|fan-made character]] rather than an official character by [[ZUN]] since certain facts of her character (such as her appearance and colouring) were suggested by fans. In addition, the fact that she doesn't really have an official appearance in any ''[[Touhou Project]]'' work only helps to support this.}}
==Official Sources==

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