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Impossible Spell Card/Spell Cards/5th Day

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| stagetitleen =Intertwined Melodies
| name =音符「大熱唱琵琶」
| transname =Noise Sign "Biwa of Large Enthusiastic SingingEuphoric Song"<ref>The Japanese name of this spell (Dai Nesshou Biwa) is almost identical to that of an item in the video game Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes "Nesshou Biwa" (Biwa of Enthusiastic SingingEuphoric Song).</ref>
| owner =Benben Tsukumo
| stage =5th Day
| number =5 - 8
| stagetitleja =美しき夜は、避けるしかないのか
| stagetitleen =In This Beautiful Night, Must We Do We Have Nothing But AvoidingDodge?
| name =両吟「星降る唄」
| transname =Double Chant "Song of Falling Stars"

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