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Rinnosuke Morichika

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Additional Information
*Rinnosuke is the first literary character to be mentioned in a ''[[Touhou Project]]'' game. Previously, [[Aya Shameimaru]] and the [[Three Fairies of Light]] were literary characters that later made appearances in games, the former having made multiple appearances throughout the series and the latter as [[boss]]es in ''[[Fairy Wars]]''.
*Other male characters besides Rinnosuke exist, but most of them are either not named (Various [[human]]s shown in ''Hopeless Masquerade'' and [[SinGyoku]], in [[Highly Responsive to Prayers]]), not [[humanoid]] ([[Genjii]], [[Sokrates]], [[Unzan]]) or do not have official appearances ([[Youki Konpaku]], [[Marisa's unnamed father]], [[Tenma]], [[Myouren Hijiri]]). Another male character with a name and an official appearance is [[Unshou]].
*Rinnosuke and Yukari are often credited as the two people from Gensokyo who have some idea regarding the [[outside world]], with a basic understanding of technology. Other characters may also know about the outside, but there is no direct description by [[ZUN]] so far. Of course, this does not include [[Sanae Kochiya]], [[Kanako Yasaka]], [[Suwako Moriya]], [[Mamizou Futatsuiwa]] and , [[Sumireko Usami]]who are all from the outside world.
*He's one of only a few characters with glasses, the others being [[Rikako Asakura]], [[Mamizou Futatsuiwa]] and [[Sumireko Usami]].
*It's often pointed out that Rinnosuke shares some personal points with {{nihongo|''Akihiko Chuuzenji''|中禅寺秋彦}}, one of the main characters of a novel series written by [[wikipedia:Natsuhiko Kyogoku|Natsuhiko Kyougoku]], who ZUN is known to love. One of the points is, e.g., Akihiko manages a used-book shop, and the name of his shop is {{nihongo|"Kyougokudou"|京極堂}}, which is also his nickname; this resembles "Kourin" except it lacks the suffix "dou".

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