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Rin Satsuki

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| nameIPA =
| nameAlt = {{nihongo|Rin Saetsuki|さえつき りん}}<br />{{nihongo|Rin Saezuki|さえづき りん}}
| image = [[File:Th06Rin.jpg|200px|Rin Satsuki]]
| caption = Rin Satsuki from the [[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|circle cut]]?
| species = [[Kirin]]?
| occupation = [[Nurse]]?
| appOfficialgames = *[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]] (Unused Character, Game data)
| appMiscworks = *[[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|Circle Cut]]? (C62)
{{nihongo|'''Rin Satsuki'''|冴月麟|Satsuki Rin}} would have been the third playable character of ''[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]'' but was cut during production due to time constraints<ref>[[ZUN's AWA Q&A Panel]]</ref>. A trace amount of data about her name was left in the game data. Not much is known about her, but the text "{{lang|ja|冴月 麟}}" (or the hex code "<tt>8D E1 8C 8E 20 97 D9</tt>") can be found in the "<tt>{{lang|ja|東方紅魔郷}}.exe</tt>" executable file near [[Reimu Hakurei]] and [[Marisa Kirisame]]'s line of code.
==Character Design==
[[File:Th06Rin.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Circle cut "poster girl"]]
Her name {{nihongo|Rin|麟}} stands for the mythological creature [[wikipedia:Qilin|Kirin]], prompting some to believe that she was supposed to be a personification of a kirin. This is supported by the fact that by the Japanese name order, her name is "Satsu'''ki Rin'''." Official pronunciation and romanization are unknown. Her name "{{lang|ja|冴月 麟}}" is generally pronounced {{nihongo|"Rin Satsuki"|さつき りん}}.

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