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離ればなれになる前に キミが残した最後のメッセージ
I want you, I need you, I love you, 愛してる Oh yeah...
| kan7 = § Repeat| kan8 = Everyday one four three...| rom1 = § Everyday one four three...Everybody in da house... (x7)
| rom2 = Everyday one four three...
| rom3 = I love you...
Hanarebanare ni naru moe ni, kimi ga nokoshita saigo no MESSEEJI
I want you, I need you, I love you, aishiteru Oh yeah...
| rom7 = § Repeat| rom8 = Everyday one four three...| lyrics_source = Album booklet with very slight personal touch.| notes = The first two paragraph is sung twice in the beginning in the regular version versus only once at the beginning and once at the end in the extended.
*Note: I used tools like Capture2text, Rikaichan Firefox addon et Google Translate in order to get the kanji and romaji out of a scanned booklet. So, please, if there are any issues, feel free to edit. But I'm pretty confident.
| extra_info =

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