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Impossible Spell Card

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{{thtitle|[[Danmaku]] [[Amanojaku]] ~ Impossible Spell Card||||jp=弾幕アマノジャク ~ Impossible Spell Card}} is a [[danmaku]] game and the 14.3rd official installment of the ''[[Touhou Project]]'', featuring [[Seija Kijin]] as the main protagonist. The game was released at [[Reitaisai 11]]. As the title implies, it is a spinoff game consisting mostly of (near-)impossible-to-beat spell cards.
==Name and Concept==
This is the first official ''Touhou Project'' game that does not bear the kanji {{nihongo|Touhou|東方}} in its title (but not the first work overall as most of know CD titles also don't use the kanji). The Japanese part of the title starts with {{nihongo|"[[danmaku]]"|弾幕}}, referring to the main theme or genre of the game, while {{nihongo|[[Amanojaku]]|アマノジャク}} refers to the playable character's species: [[Seija Kijin]]. The term "Impossible Spell Card" is describing what the game is about: dodging danmaku that's considered ''impossible'', but are actually possible since there's a trophy that can be achieved if clearing all [[spell card]]s without "cheating".
On November 16, 2014, [[ZUN]] released a mini game called ''[[Danmaku Amanojaku Gold Rush]]'' at Digital Game Expo 2014's "Doujin Shooting Game Caravan" contest, where it was available to be played. It's an extension to ''Impossible Spell Card'', but it's yet to be released to the public.
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