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Mamizou Futatsuiwa

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| nameIPA = fɯ̥tat͡sɯiwa mamʲizoː [[Media:PronunciationMamizouFutatsuiwa.ogg|(♫)]]
| nameAlt = Hutatsuiwa Mamizou
| image = [[File:Th145MamizouTh155Mamizou.png|x325px|Mamizou Futatsuiwa]]| caption = Mamizou Futatsuiwa in [[Urban Legend in LimboAntinomy of Common Flowers]]
| chartitle = {{H:title|The Bake-danuki with Ten Transformations|化け狸 十変化}}
| species = [[Bake-danuki]]
| MusicThemes = *{{H:title|佐渡のニッ岩|Futatsuiwa from Sado}} ([[Ten Desires]], [[Hopeless Masquerade]])
*{{H:title|幻想郷のニッ岩|Futatsuiwa from Gensokyo}} ([[Hopeless Masquerade]], [[Urban Legend in Limbo]])
| appOfficialgames = *''[[Ten Desires]] '' (Extra Boss)*''[[Hopeless Masquerade]] '' (Playable Character, Possible Opponent)*''[[Impossible Spell Card]] '' (6th Day Boss, 8th Day Boss)*''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]] '' (Playable Character, Possible Opponent)*''[[Antinomy of Common Flowers]]'' (Playable Character, Possible Opponent)*''[[Violet Detector]] (Nightmare Thursday Boss)| appPrintworks = *''[[Wild and Horned Hermit]] '' (Chapter 9, Chapter 16 cameo, 18 cameo, 20 cameo, 22 cameo, 25 cameo, Chapter 26, 31 cameo, Chapter 32, 47, 48 cameo)*''[[Symposium of Post-mysticism]]''*''[[Forbidden Scrollery]] '' (Secondary Character)*''[[Visionary Fairies in Shrine]] '' (Chapter 2 Cameo, 6 cameo, 7 cameo, 9.5 cameo, 10 cameo)*''[[The Grimoire of Usami]]'' (Section 1-10, Section 2-5, Section 2-10)*''[[Lotus Eaters]]'' (Chapter 1 cameo)
{{nihongo|'''Mamizou Futatsuiwa'''|二ッ岩 マミゾウ|Futatsuiwa Mamizou}} is a [[Tanuki|Bake-danuki]], summoned by [[Nue Houjuu]] who originally lived in [[wikipedia:Sado,_Niigata|Sado]] in the [[Outside World]] in order to act as the [[Myouren Temple]]'s trump card against the newly-arrived residents of the [[Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum]], particularly [[Toyosatomimi no Miko]]. She is able to morph both herself and other creatures into different forms and can disguise herself as a [[human]].
==General Information==
Mamizou first appeared as the Extra stage [[boss]] of ''[[Ten Desires]]''. She then appeared as a playable character of ''[[Hopeless Masquerade]]'', she was a 6th and 8th Day Boss of ''[[Impossible Spell Card]]'' and a Playable Character in ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]]'' and ''[[Antinomy of Common Flowers]]''. She is a recurring character in ''[[Forbidden Scrollery]]''.
She is a [[Tanuki|bake-danuki]] of proper lineage, and a [[youkai]] of the [[Outside World]] who has been called over by [[Nue Houjuu]] (by her own judgement) as a means of resistance since the [[Saint]] who sings of youkai extermination, [[Toyosatomimi no Miko]], revived. After the quarrel, she started living in the [[Myouren Temple]]. She was originally from [[wikipedia:Sado, Niigata|Sado]] along with the [[human]]s there, and before the events of ''[[Ten Desires]]''' Extra stage, passed through the [[Great Hakurei Barrier]] to enter Gensokyo.
Mamizou is able to completely disguise herself save for her large tail and her ears, which appears to be a commonality among all bake-danuki. In order to get around this, she can shrink them or camouflage them, but if she is surprised or excited her ears and tail will twitch, making it a dead giveaway. Another give away would be her smell.<ref>Nitori and Marisa's story modes in [[Hopeless Masquerade]]</ref>
Her disguising abilities gain power on nights of the full moon.Since [[tanuki]] like to do things like disguising people to take on a bewildering look, they rarely do inflict direct damage. The meaning of 'disguising things' is something that resembles the fellow [[Nue (Species)|nue]], and thus mutually, they do not appear to play the role of close-range combat [[youkai]]. Thus it is a possibility that Nue has called Mamizou over with the consideration that "since the opponent can hear ten people's conversations at the same time, one has no choice but to call over a suitable youkai for splitting into 10 + 1 = 11."
She is also able to disguise other objects. However, if there is no resemblance between the base object and the disguised one, it will probably be seen through immediately, especially in regard to creatures.
While the ability is described as a simple disguise, it isn't a mere illusion and actually influences and changes the physical properties of the target. For instance, in ''[[Hopeless Masquerade]]'', she can turn the opponent into something [[Hopeless_Masquerade/Spell_Cards/Mamizou_Futatsuiwa#Spell_Card_3|completely harmless]], and her underlings seem to obtain the properties of whatever they transform into, becoming able to attack by blowing steam after they [[Hopeless_Masquerade/Spell_Cards/Mamizou_Futatsuiwa#Spell_Card_2|tranform into a giant teapot]].
;Other Abilities
Mamizou possesses the ability to travel in and out of Gensokyo, but the mechanism she uses to do this has not been explained.
Mamizou has brown eyes and light-brown, shoulder length hair. She is featured with tanuki ears and a giant striped tail. On her head there lays a green leaf like that of a tanuki and she has glasses. She has a ecru shirt and her skirt is red-grey with some patterns on it. As with most bake-danuki from Japanese myths, Mamizou carries things on her back that look like a bottle of sake and a booklet of promissory notes. In ''[[Hopeless Masquerade]]'', when she gets hit or performs certain attacks, she can be seen wearing grey bloomers.
When visiting the [[Human Village]] she uses a human disguise, without her raccoon ears or tail. In this form, she has long hair , a checkered scarf and large robe, and wears a leaf-shaped hair clip.
:{{Main|Impossible Spell Card#Story|l1=Impossible Spell Card: Story}}
Later on in the game, Mamizou appears to have taken note of the wanted [[amanojaku]] [[Seija Kijin]]. She confronts her and says that the [[tengu]] (presumably [[Aya Shameimaru]] and [[Hatate Himekaidou]]) have taken notice of her and have written up a newspaper about her mischief. This causes stronger [[youkai]] and [[human]]s such as [[Marisa Kirisame]], [[Sakuya Izayoi]], [[Sanae Kochiya]] and [[Youmu Kompaku]] – including Mamizou – to try and capture Seija. Also, she notes that Seija can use two items simultaneously rather than one, which made her curious why Seija weren't using this technique in the first place. She uses [[spell card]]s that are considered impossible to dodge.
;''Urban Legend in Limbo''
Mamizou assists Kasen and the rest of the characters in setting up a trap that will draw the Outside World human [[Sumireko Usami]] into Gensokyo, with the intention of teaching her a lesson about the danger caused by her actions. In her own route, she goes to the Outside World and fights Sumireko herself.
File:08Mamizou1.png|Mamizou art from ''[[Hopeless Masquerade]]''
File:Th145Mamizou2.png|Mamizou art from ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]]''
File:08Mamizou2.png|Mamizou art from ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]]''
File:1461190529324.jpg|Mamizou on the Vol. 5 cover of ''[[Forbidden Scrollery]]''
File:Th13Mamizou.png|Mamizou artwork from ''Ten Desires''
File:08Mamizou1.png|Mamizou artwork from ''[[Hopeless Masquerade]]''
File:Th145Mamizou2.png|Mamizou artwork from ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]]'' and ''[[Antinomy of Common Flowers]]''
File:08Mamizou2.png|Mamizou artwork from ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]]'' and ''[[Antinomy of Common Flowers]]''
File:Th155MamizouColors.png|Mamizou's different color palettes from ''[[Antinomy of Common Flowers|AoCF]]'', ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo|ULiL]]'', and ''[[Hopeless Masquerade|HM]]'', the last two were added in AoCF v1.10
;[[Aya Shameimaru]]
Her Occult Attack is “Alien Capsule”.<br>
By carefully arranging underlings who’ve been put into capsules, you can freely counter-attack at any time!
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{{Profile Quote
| image = [[File:Th145Mamizou.png|200px|Mamizou Futatsuiwa AoCF]]
| text =変幻自在で喰えない化け狸
| translation ='''Phantasmagoric and Shrewd Bake-Danuki'''
'''Mamizou Futatsuiwa'''<br/>
''"I'll be the master.''<br/>
''It's in both of our best interests."''<br/>
A youkai tanuki general who came from the Outside World.<br/>
Those who master the possession battles will master the incident itself.<br/>
She aims for the title of the strongest Perfect Possessor, with a partner whose interests align with hers.<br/>
Her "strength in numbers" fighting style using her youkai tanuki is superb, but if you don't take care of her minions, they'll get knocked out and she'll be left all alone.<br/>
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