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Rin Satsuki

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==General Information==
There's traces of information scattered in relation to ''[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]'' that could be associated with her. In the games data, there are two attack types: {{nihongo|Flower Sign|花符}} and {{nihongo|Wind Sign|風符}}. An alleged portrait of her (or an otherwise unknown character) appears on [[Team Shanghai Alice]]'s circle cut in the Comiket when ''Embodiment of Scarlet Devil'' was first released (shown in the info box on the left). Additionally, shown in the data files by using a tool to rip graphics from the game, there is an unnused unused character in the Stage 1 enemy sprites that looks much like the character in the portrait, although there's a possibility that this was originally going to be [[Rumia]]. A recent Twitter post revealed Rin is not part of ''Embodiment of Scarlet Devil'''s canon.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>
If the girl depicted in the [[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|circle cut]] ''is'' Rin Satsuki, then Rin appears to wear a large , clownish ribbon on her hair with cherry hair pins and a dress-like blouse. She holds an [[wikipedia:Erhu|erhu]] upside down with "周入矛" (circumferentially spurred lance, or "circumcision") in mixed Japanese and the Chinese letters written in an autistic, childish manner on it. The colours are unknown because the circle cut is in monochrome. A recent Twitter post revealed the girl in the picture wasn't Rin Satsuki, and instead claimed it was a Team Shanghai Alice "poster girl".<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>
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File:Rin satsuki sprites.png|Unused EoSD stage 1 sprites.
File:Th6 6113.png|Rin Satsuki in the code.

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