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Rin Satsuki

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added portrait to the infobox since there is enough evidence to indicate she /is/ the same girl
| nameIPA =
| nameAlt = {{nihongo|Rin Saetsuki|さえつき りん}}<br />{{nihongo|Rin Saezuki|さえづき りん}}
| image =[[File:Th06Rin.jpg|x340px|Rin Satsuki]]
| caption = Rin Satsuki from the [[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|circle cut]]?
| species = [[Kirin]]?
<gallery perrow="5" widths="120">
File:Rin satsuki sprites.png|Unused EoSD stage 1 sprites.
File:Th6 6113.png|Rin Satsuki in the code.

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