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Perfect Cherry Blossom

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Adding in やうやう double meaning in a footnote, changes to the literal kanji translation pending by way of Discord Debate (TM)
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{{thtitle|Touhou |Youyoumu|ruby=Mystical Dream<ref>Literally 妖 (spiritual, supernatural, ghostly, etc.), 々 (marker for repeating the previous kanji) 夢 (dream). As ZUN mentions in the [[Perfect_Cherry_Blossom/Story/Demo_Afterword|demo afterword]], the pronunciation ''youyou'' contains a double meaning in reference to a line from a poem by [[wikipedia:Sei_Shōnagon|Sei Shônagon]]-- "as the light gradually (''yauyau'') creeps over the hills"-- so the title can also be taken to mean "gradually-moving dream".</ref>| ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom|jp=東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom}} is a vertical-scrolling shooter, and is the seventh official game in the ''[[Touhou Project]]''.

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