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Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

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There are three main characters: [[Reimu Hakurei]], [[Marisa Kirisame]], and [[Youmu Konpaku]]. The player can equip one of three animal spirits, namely "Wolf", "Otter" and "Eagle". "Wolf" powers up the player's focused shot, "Otter" either powers up the player's bombs or and provides a bullet-erasing barrier, and "Eagle" powers up the player's unfocused shot.<ref name=announce />
Upon defeating certain enemies and in-between each Spell Card, items called '''Spirit Items''' will appear on screen and bounce around for a very long time, similar to [[Undefined Fantastic Object]]'s UFOs. <br>There are three ''Beast Items'' (one for ''Wolf'', ''Otter'' and ''Eagle'') which periodically cycle in an order.
Triggering such a '''Berserk Roaring Mode''' which matches your Shot Type and/or with more than three ''Beast Items'' will elongate its duration.
This game sees the return of Spell Practice and marks the addition of "Achievements" to the franchise. These reward completing each scenario, difficulty, 1ccs and no-miss runs. <br>There are also secret achievements to be found.

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