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Marisa Kirisame

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Additional Information
*Marisa's face was shown on most of the [[Windows]] game icons on the <tt>.exe</tt> files. This excludes the spin-off fighters, ''[[Double Spoiler]]'', ''[[Fairy Wars]]'', ''[[Impossible Spell Card]]'' and ''[[Violet Detector]]''.
*Marisa is second most frequent character to appear in the ''[[Touhou Project]]'' games before Reimu. This is because the two appeared in every game, but Marisa didn't appear in ''[[Highly Responsive to Prayers]]'' and ''[[Gold Rush]]'', which Reimu did. Various exceptions would show to change these statistics such as ''[[Shoot the Bullet]]'', which both characters didn't appear (but Marisa was used on the .exe's icon), but the two appeared in an afterword story, and ''[[Fairy Wars]]'' had only Marisa, but Reimu was still shown in a cameo.
*Marisa has seven theme songs musics (excluding remixes), making her the character with the most theme songs.
*Including spin-off games and ''[[Shuusou Gyoku]]'', Marisa has appeared as an EX [[boss]] two times more than any other EX boss.
*Marisa has appeared on the covers of ''[[Story of Eastern Wonderland]]'', ''[[Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream]]'', and ''[[Lotus Land Story]]'', as well as on the poster for ''[[Urban Legend in Limbo]]''.

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