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:::::::::She says "それに私は、姫の能力で作られた薬を服用している。", meaning she either already took it, or she was going to. As for the number of people, i'm sure it was somewhere, i have to search for it. Another thing, that you removed, is the fact that Eirin is able to "revive" at the end of the battle explicitly due to the elixir (presumably with Kaguya accelerating the recovery). How could the elixir help Eirin if she didn't take it? It's not like it grants Kaguya the power to revive others. I also think we are taking the "can't go to the Netherworld" too literally (and translation choices can change the whole meaning, it can outright be translated as "you can't/won't come to Hakugyokurou if ''you don't die''"). It might just mean you won't go there as a part of the "natural" cycle as a phantom/ghost, not that you are physically unable to enter. [[User:PK|PK]] ([[User talk:PK|talk]]) 08:07, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
::::::::::And let's not forget the best explanation: early inconsistency about how all these barriers work. In IN it's said it would be impossible to travel between Gensokyo and the Moon due to the barrier, so no one from the Moon could find Kaguya and Eirin, yet we have SSiB and CiLR. The Hakurei barrier itself was meant to be made by humans and Yuyuko said Yukari couldn't do it, then BAM, later canon says it was actually made by youkai themselves, and specifically by Yukari. [[User:PK|PK]] ([[User talk:PK|talk]]) 18:02, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
:Every boss could revive at the end of a battle to use their last spells, and yet Kaguya and Mokou are the only ones confirmed (not implied) to have taken the elixir. The ending implied she has done it, but it could be that she decided not to take it afterwards. Yuyuko wasn't scared of Eirin at all and she'd be so if she was immortal. The barrier of the Netherworld is at least confirmed to prevent the immortals from getting to the Netherworld, and Lunarians have other ways to go to the earth, such as the Dream World. [[User:BraviNoname|BraviNoname]] ([[User talk:BraviNoname|talk]]) 10:46, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

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