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::::All right, fair points. I kinda have to retract a couple of claims for fairness, after checking again. First, not being able to stay in the Netherworld also comes from IN's Ghost ending, so it wasn't a retcon (my bad). Second, Eirin says she uses her drugs to attack (so like you said it doesn't indicate that she took it). Eirin being considered one of "those who can't die" in CiLR is still true, though. Also, in Eirin's talk page they confirmed that she said she ''already'' took it, and also that she said she can't take care of the Netherworld ''because'' of that, so it looks like she has a time limit or whatever, not that she can't enter at all (too bad i didn't look at it first). Welp, i'm done. I will probably add the source saying 4 people used the elixir if i find it again. [[User:PK|PK]] ([[User talk:PK|talk]]) 18:11, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
:::::Again, the CiLR thing is only up to interpretation. Didn't explicitly say that Eirin consumed the elixir, it was implied by Yukari. What you've said about the Netherworld barrier is only an interpretation as well, it hasn't been said that Eirin has a time limit when she goes there, and it has been said by Youmu that Mokou can't go to the Netherworld period because of her immortality, so I doubt any other hourai immortal can. If it's said 4 people used the Elixir, the fourth could be either Eirin or some unknown person. [[User:BraviNoname|BraviNoname]] ([[User talk:BraviNoname|talk]]) 01:20, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
::::::In the ending she literally said she can't stay in the Netherworld because she took the elixir, period.And sorry, but for someone ready to dismiss "interpretations" and "implications" you sound kind of a hypocrite. You discard both Eirin's ''stated fact'' and Yukari's opinion which coincides with it, but for some reason you take Youmu's line (which funnily enough is also subject to interpretation when you translate it) as the absolute truth. Want a fact? Youmu didn't make the Netherworld, she isn't omniscient, and she has no way of knowing if Mokou could enter the Netherworld since we never saw Mokou trying, so using your same reasoning it's just her opinion and she could be wrong, or it could not apply to non-humans like Eirin. It's "Eirin's stated fact + Yukari's opinion" vs "Youmu's ''highly'' interpretable opinion". Remove the opinions, you are left with one fact: Eirin is immortal. [[User:PK|PK]] ([[User talk:PK|talk]]) 08:01, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

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