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Stage 3
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==Stage 1==
[[File:Th11Stage1Title.png|frame|The Wind Blowing From the Thankless Land]]
| ja =忘恩の地から吹く風
| en =The Wind Blowing From the Thankless Land
| ja =幻想風穴
| en =Fantastic Blowhole
| ja ={{lang|en|BGM:}} 暗闇の風穴
| en =BGM: The Dark Blowhole
| status =[[Kisume]] ENTERS
| status =[[Kisume]] DEFEATED
| char =Marisa
| ja =洞窟の中なのに風が凄いぜ
| en =The wind's pretty strong for the inside of a cave.
| char =???
| ja =(……それは地中に大きな空間が<br /> 存在する証拠)
| en =(...... that's because this great<br />wind hole is here.)
| char =Marisa
| ja =……耳鳴りが聞こえるな
| en =...... hm, my ears are ringing.
| char =Patchouli
| ja =(……聞こえるかしら?<br /> 私の声)
| en =... you can hear<br />my voice, right?)
| char =Marisa
| ja =何だ?<br />何処から聞こえてくるんだ?
| en =What's that?<br />Where's your voice coming from?
| char =Patchouli
| ja =(貴方の周りにいるソレから……)
| en =(From all those little things around you...)
| status =[[Yamame Kurodani]] ENTERS
| char =???
| ja =おお?<br />人間とは珍しい
*Back to [[Subterranean Animism: Prologue|Prologue]]やっぱり地底のお祭りが目当てなの?<br />そんな顔しているし*Forward to [[Subterranean Animism: Marisa and Patchouli's Extra|Marisa and Patchouli's Extra]]en =Oh?<br />A human? How unusual.
  == Stage 1 ==<center>[[Image:th11Stage1title.jpg|frame|none|]]</center>{| border="1" cellpadding="5"|- align="center" ||! width="50%" |忘恩の地から吹く風! width="50%" |The Wind Blowing From the Thankless Land|- align="center" |||幻想風穴|Fantastic Wind Hole|- align="center" ||!BGM: 暗闇の風穴!BGM: The Dark Wind Hole|-!Marisa|洞窟の中なのに風が凄いぜ|The wind's pretty strong for the inside of a cave.|-!???|(……それは地中に大きな空間が<br/> 存在する証拠)|( ... ... that's because this great<br/>wind hole is here.)|-!Marisa|……耳鳴りが聞こえるな|... ... hm, my ears are ringing.|-!Patchouli|(……聞こえるかしら?<br/> 私の声)|(... you can hear<br/>my voice, right?)|-!Marisa|何だ?<br/>何処から聞こえてくるんだ?|What's that?<br/>Where's your voice coming from?|-!Patchouli|(貴方の周りにいるソレから……)|(From all those little things around you ... )|-|! colspan="2" align="center" |[[Yamame Kurodani]] ENTERS|-!Yamame|おお?<br/>人間とは珍しい やっぱり地底のお祭りが目当てなの?<br/>そんな顔しているし|Oh?<br/>A human? How unusual. Are you going to the festival they're having down below?<br/>You look like it.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(気を付けて<br/> 地底の妖怪は私達とは異なるから)|en =(Be careful.<br/>The youkai underground are different from us.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =何だ?<br/>見た感じは同じだけど……|en =What?<br/>They look about the same ...}}{{DialogTable|-h1|! alignja ="center" |暗い洞窟の明るい網<br/>黒谷ヤマメ! align| en ="center" |The Bright Net in the Dark CavernCave<br/>[[Yamame Kurodani]]|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yamame|ja =行くんだったら行く、帰るんだったら帰る
|en =Well, if you're gonna go, go, or else go back.
It'll be harder for you if I have to get involved.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(地底の妖怪は、体に悪い)|en =(The youkai underground are bad for you.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =食べないぜ<br/>こんな奴|en =Whaat?<br/>It's not like I'm going to eat her?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yamame|ja =食べなくても体に悪い
どれ、久しぶりに人間を病で苦しめると<br/>しようかな|en =I'm bad for you even if you don't eat me.
Well, I haven't punished a human with diseases in a long time,<br/>I may as well have some fun.}}{{DialogTable|h1|- alignja ="center"{{lang|en|!BGM: }} 封じられた妖怪 ~ {{lang|en|Lost Place}}!| en =BGM: The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place}}{{DialogTable|status| status =[[Yamame Kurodani]] DEFEATED}}{{DialogTable| char =Marisa| ja =ほんとだ<br />体に悪そうだな| en =Wow, you're right.<br />She seems pretty bad for me.}}{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli| ja =(地底には忌み嫌われた妖怪ばかり<br /> 心してかかりなさい)| en =(The underground is full of despised youkai.<br />You'd better be ready for them.)}}{{DialogTable| char =Marisa| ja =それで自分で行かないで私に行かせたのか?<br />ずるい奴だな| en =Is that why you didn't come down here yourself and sent me instead?<br />That's not fair.}}{{DialogTable/Footer}}
|-|! colspan="=Stage 2" align="center" |=[[Yamame KurodaniFile:Th11Stage2Title.png|frame|The Deep Road Connecting the Past and the Above Ground World]] DEFEATED{{DialogTable/Header}}{{DialogTable|-!Marisah1|ほんとだ<br/>体に悪そうだなja =地上と過去を結ぶ深道|en =The Deep Road Connecting the Past and the Above Ground WorldWow, you're right.<br/>She seems pretty bad for me.}}{{DialogTable|st-title!Patchouli| ja =地獄の深道|en =The Deep Road to Hell(地底には忌み嫌われた妖怪ばかり<br/>}} 心してかかりなさい){{DialogTable|h1|ja ={{lang|en|BGM:}} 渡る者の途絶えた橋(| en =BGM: The underground is full of despised youkai.<br/>Bridge People No Longer Cross}}You'd better be ready for them.){{DialogTable|-!char =Marisa|それで自分で行かないで私に行かせたのか?ja =地底の妖怪は体に悪いって<br/>ずるい奴だな地底そのものが体に悪そうだが|Is that why you didn't come down here yourself and sent en =So, the youkai underground are bad for me instead?<br/>It seems like the underground itself is pretty bad for me.}}{{DialogTableThat's not fair.| char =Patchouli|}ja =(さっきの妖怪の事を調べたわ)
== Stage 2 ==<center>[[Image:th11Stage2title.jpg|frame|none|]](さっきのは土蜘蛛<br /center>{| border="1" cellpadding="5"|- align="center" ||! width="50%" |地上と過去を結ぶ深道! width="50%" |The Deep Road Connecting the Past and the Overworld|- align="center" |||地獄の深道 人間を病に冒す困った妖怪)|The Deep Road to Hell|- alignen ="center" ||!BGM: 渡る者の途絶えた橋!BGM: The Bridge People No Longer Cross|-!Marisa|地底の妖怪は体に悪いって<br/>地底そのものが体に悪そうだが|So, the (I read up on that youkai underground are bad for me?<br/>It seems like the underground itself is pretty bad for mewe ran across before.|-!Patchouli|(さっきの妖怪の事を調べたわ))
(さっきのは土蜘蛛<br/> 人間を病に冒す困った妖怪)|(I read up on that youkai we ran across before.) (It was an earth spider.<br/>A troublesome youkai who inflicts disease upon humans.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =病気たぁ勘弁だな<br/>で、妖怪の弱点とかも判るのか?|en =Disease? Give me a break.<br/>So, can you tell what their weak points are, too?}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspan="2" alignstatus ="center" |[[Parsee Mizuhashi]] ENTERS}}{{DialogTable|-h1|! alignja ="center" {{lang|en|BGM: }} 緑眼のジェラシー! align| en ="center" |BGM: Green-eyed Jealousy|-}}!{{DialogTableParsee| char =???|ja =もしかして人間?
|en =Are you a human?
Have humans come to explore the underground?
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =ああそうだ<br/>きっとそうに違いない|en =Oh, yes!<br/>That's exactly it.}}{{DialogTable|-h1|! alignja ="center" |地殻の下の嫉妬心<br/>水橋パルスィ! align| en ="center" |The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust<br/>[[Parsee Mizuhashi]]|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Parsee|ja =悪い事は言わないわ<br/>ここで大人しく帰った方が良い|en =Please, take my advice,<br/>you're better of just going right back where you came.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =帰る気はさらさらないな
で、こいつの特徴はなんだ?<br/>能力とか弱点とか|en =I don't feel like going back, though.
So, what can you tell me about this one?<br/>What's her power, or her weak point?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(そんなにすぐには判らないわよ)|en =(How should I know that already?)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Parsee|ja =折角忠告したのに……<br/>本当に人間は愚かね|en =Well, I tried to warn you ...<br/>Humans truly are foolish.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(けしかけたのは貴方だから<br/> 自分で何とかしなさいよ)|en =(Well, you're the one that provoked her,<br/>deal with her yourself.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =しょうがないな<br/>じゃ、倒している間に倒し方を調べてくれ|en =Guess I have to.<br/>Well, please look up how to beat her while I beat her, okay?}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspan="2" alignstatus ="center" |[[Parsee Mizuhashi]] DEFEATED|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =おっと、倒してしまった|en =Oh, looks I beat her.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……嫉妬に駆られたペルシャ人かな<br/> よく判らない)|en =( ... a Persian person driven by jealousy?<br/>I don't really understand.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =何でペルシャ人が土の下にいるんだよ|en =Why is a Persian underground?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(あくまでも推測よ推測<br/> メモメモ)|en =(Look, this is all conjecture.<br/><nowiki>*scribbles notes*</nowiki>)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =ふむ。何か地底の妖怪の調査に<br/>
|en =Hm. Why do I feel like I'm down here<br/>
to conduct research on underground youkai?
== Stage 3 ==<center>[[ImageFile:th11Stage3titleTh11Stage3Title.jpgpng|frame|none|The Forgotten Snowy Former Capital]]<{{DialogTable/center>Header}}{{DialogTable| border="1" cellpadding="5"h1|- alignja ="center" ||忘れられた雪の旧都! width="50%" |忘れられた雪の旧都! widthen ="50%" |The Forgotten Snowy Ancient CityFormer Capital}}{{DialogTable|st- align="center" |title||ja =旧地獄街道|en =The Former Streets of a Former Hell}}{{DialogTable|h1|- alignja ="center" {{lang|en|!BGM: }} 旧地獄街道を行く!| en =BGM: Walking the Streets of a Former Hell}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspanstatus ="2" align="center" |[[Yuugi Hoshiguma]] ENTERS|-}}!{{DialogTableYuugi| char =???|ja =あんた、なかなやるね
何者か知らんけど、<br/>暴れる奴には暴れて迎えるのが礼儀ってね!|en =Hey, you're pretty good.
No idea who you are, but they say<br/>a rowdy welcome is best for a rowdy guest!}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspanstatus ="2" align="center" |[[Yuugi Hoshiguma]] STOPS FIGHTING|-}}!{{DialogTableYuugi| char =???|ja =気に入った!
もっと愉しませてあげるから<br/>駄目になるまでついてきなよ!|en =I like you!
We'll have lots more fun, so<br/>Keep following until you can't take anymore!|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =お?<br/>付いていくのは気が進まんが|en =Oh?I don't really want to follow you, but ...|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =何なんだ?<br/>こいつ|en =Man,<br/>what's with her?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(さっきの妖怪の事を調べたわ)
(さっきのは橋姫<br/> 橋を守っている嫉妬狂いの妖怪)|en =(I read up on that youkai we ran across before.)
(It was a bridge princess.<br/>A youkai driven mad by jealousy, sworn to protect the bridge.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =おい、さっきの妖怪より目の前の妖怪の事<br/>調べてくれよ|en =Hey, why not worry about this youkai that's here now instead?<br/>Read up on her, please!|-}}!{{DialogTableYuugi| char =???|ja =どうした、息が上がっているよ?<br/>もう降参かい?|en =What, are you out of breath?<br/>Giving up already?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……そんなにすぐには調べられない)|en =( ... ... I can't conduct research that quickly!)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =役に立たないな|en =You're so useless.|-}}!{{DialogTableYuugi| char =???|ja =どうした?<br/>私が何者か調べたいのか?|en =What's wrong?<br/>Are you trying to figure out who I am?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =おう! よく判ったな<br/>その通りだ、ついでに弱点も教えてくれ|en =Hey! You got it, you're pretty good.<br/>That's it, now just tell me your weak point, please.}}{{DialogTable|-h1|! alignja ="center" |語られる怪力乱神<br/>星熊 勇儀! align| en ="center" |The Rumored Unnatural PhenomenonSpoken-of Anomalies, Strength, Disorder, and Spirits<br/>[[Yuugi Hoshiguma]]|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =私は山の四天王の一人、力の勇儀
|en =I'm one of the four devas Big Four of the mountainMountain, Yuugi the strong.
My weak point is fried beans, obviously.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =ふむ、最初からこうすれば良かったんだ<br/>ま、煎った豆なんて持ってないがな|en =Huh, I wish they'd all been this cooperative.<br/>Too bad I don't have any fried beans on me.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……<br/> 煎った豆が弱点……?)
(煎った豆……<br/> うーん、まさかね)|en =(...<br/>Her weak point is fried beans?)
([[Wikipedia:Setsubun|Fried beans ]]...<br/>No way.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =お前、何をしにこんな処まで来たんだい?|en =So, why did you come all the way down here?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =それが困った事に私にもさっぱりだ|en =
Huh, you know, I have no idea myself.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(目的地はここではない<br/> 邪魔する者は蹴散らして進んで)|en =(This place isn't our destination.<br/>Get rid of this pest so we can keep going.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =乱暴だな|en =You're pretty violent.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =乱暴だね
|en =Yes, indeed.
I love violent people.
}}{{DialogTable|-h1|! alignja ="center" {{lang|en|BGM: }} 華のさかづき大江山 ! align| en ="center" |BGM: A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =でも、口だけの奴はここで死ぬ!<br/>しっかりと試させて貰うよ|en =But, if you're all talk, then here you'll diehere!<br/>I'll shall test you well here.your strength!}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspanstatus ="2" align="center" |[[Yuugi Hoshiguma]] DEFEATED|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =お見事!
その腕っ節、流石にここまで一人で<br/>降りてくるだけあるね|en =Well done!
You'd have to be that strong to get all the wayI expected nothing less from someone who made it<br/>all the way down here aloneon their own.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……さ、次に行くよ<br/> そいつは……放っておこう)|en =(... wellWell, let's move on.<br/>Let's just ... leave her alone.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =って、行き先判ってるのか?
|en =... You know where we're supposed to go?
I have no idea where we even are.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =ここは旧地獄<br/>地上の妖怪が干渉できない監獄さ
お前は私に勝った<br/>お望みならば、何処にだって案内してやるよ|en =This place used to be is Former Hell,<br/>a prison the youkai from above can't interfere with.
You beat me.<br/>I'll lead you wherever you want, if you wish.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……じゃあ、間欠泉を出している奴の<br/> 居る処に案内して)|en =( ... okay, then please take us to wherever the person<br/>who's creating the geyser is.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Yuugi|ja =間欠泉か……<br/>そうだね、この先の地霊殿に行ってみな?
人間にはちときついかも知れんが……<br/>ま、十分腕は立つようだしね|en =A geyser ...<br/>Okay, why don't you try going to the Palace of the Earth Spirits up ahead?
It might be hard for a human ...<br/>Well, it looks like you'll be strong enough.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =お前に勝ったぐらいじゃ自慢にもならん|en =Just strong enough to beat you, that's nothing to write home about.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(良く見て、そいつは戦いの最中<br/> お酒を一滴も零さず飲み干した)
(それに煎った豆が苦手<br/> ……貴方は腕を試されただけよ)|en =(Look at her, while she was fighting us and drinking,<br/>she didn't spill a drop of her sake.)
(And she hates fried beans.<br/>... ... you were just testing us, weren't you?)|}}{{DialogTable/Footer}}
== Stage 4 ==<center>[[ImageFile:th11Stage4titleTh11Stage4Title.jpgpng|frame|none|Those Terrifying Eyes Nobody Loves]]<{{DialogTable/center>Header}}{{DialogTable| border="1" cellpadding="5"h1|- alignja ="center" |誰からも好まれない恐怖の目|! widthen ="50%" |誰からも好まれない恐怖の目! width="50%" |Those Terrifying Eyes Nobody Loves}}{{DialogTable|st- align="center" |title||ja =地霊殿|en =Palace of the Earth Spirits}}{{DialogTable|h1|- alignja ="center" {{lang|en|! BGM: }} ハーツフェルトファンシー!| en =BGM: Heartfelt Fancy|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =変な屋敷だな<br/>地面が眩しくて気持ち悪いぜ|en =What a weird mansion.<br/>The ground is so shiny, it's weird.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(ここに……<br/> 間欠泉に仕掛けをした奴がいるのかな)|en =(I wonder ...<br/>if the person that made the geyser is here.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =そうだ、間欠泉がどうかしたのか?|en =Oh yeah, what about the geyser?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(あれは止めなければならない)|en =(We have to stop it.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =そうなのか?<br/>よく判らんが
それにしても、<br/>この館には猫と妖精しかいないのかな|en =Really?<br/>I don't really get it.
Besides,<br/>There's only cats and fairies in this mansion.}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspan="2" alignstatus ="center" |[[Satori Komeiji]] ENTERS|-}}!{{DialogTableSatori| char =???|ja =……来客?
もしかして人間?<br/>まさかね、こんな所まで来られる筈がない|en =... A visitor?
Are you human?<br/>No, you wouldn't be able to get this far.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =む、いたぜ<br/>家の人っぽい奴が|en =Hm, there she is.<br/>Looks like a member of the household.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(うむ、では早速間欠泉の事を)|en =(Uh, hurry up and ask her about the geyser.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =ちょっと良いかな<br/>間欠泉の事を訊きたいんだ|en =Um, excuse me?<br/>I want to ask you about the geyser ...|-}}!{{DialogTableSatori| char =???|ja =……間欠泉?
|en =... geyser?
... ...
... ... you really want to know about that?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =あん?|en =Huh?|-!}}Satori{{DialogTable|char =???| ja =貴方の心の中には間欠泉に関する情報は<br/>殆ど無い|en =It seems there's almost no information in your heart<br/>about the geyser.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =何を言っている?|en =What are you saying?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……)
(ちょっと待って<br/> 嫌な予感がする)|en =(...)
(Wait a moment,<br/>I've got a bad feeling about this.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =……<br/>お前は何者だ?|en =... ...<br/>Who are you?}}{{DialogTable|h1|- alignja ="center"{{lang|en|!BGM: }} 少女さとり ~ {{lang|en|3rd eye}}!| en =BGM: Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye}}{{DialogTable|- align="center" |h1|!ja =怨霊も恐れ怯む少女<br/>古明地さとり!| en =The Girl Even The Evil the Vengeful Spirits Fear<br/>[[Satori Komeiji]]|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =私はさとり、この地霊殿の主です|en =I'm Satori, the master of this household.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(え!?)|en =(What!?)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =貴方は人間のようだけど、<br/>私に何か用ですか?|I know I en =You seem human,<br/>but what need do you have of me?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =だから、間欠泉をだなぁ……<br/>どうするんだっけ?|en =Well, you know, the geyser ...<br/>What do I do now?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……間欠泉を止める方法を訊くの)|en =(... ... ask her how to stop the geyser.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =余り止めたくはないんだが……<br/>まあ止める方法はないのか?|en =But I don't really want to stop it ...<br/>Well, is there any way I can?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =間欠泉を止める、ねぇ<br/>確かに私のペットにそんな事出来るのも居るわ
「そいつに会って温泉をもっと出させてやる」<br/>ですって?|en =How to stop the geyser, you say ...<br/>I'm sure one of my pets would be able to do that.
"I want to meet her and have her make more hot springs"?
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =あん?<br/>なんだ?|en =Eh?<br/>What?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =「何で考えている事がばれたんだ?」<br/>ですか|en ="How did she figure out what I was thinking",<br/>you say ...|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(魔理沙、そいつはお前の手に余る相手<br/> さっさとペットの元へ行くよ)|en =(Marisa, she's more than you can handle.<br/>Hurry up and go find her pet.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =私が許可を出してないのに<br/>どうやって行くつもりなのかしら?|en =I didn't give you permission to do that.<br/>Just how do you intend to go find her?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =あん?<br/>何とか探し出してやるぜ|en =Huh?<br/>I'll just find her, somehow.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =「最悪、気持ち悪いこいつを倒して<br/> 聞けばいいか」|en ="This sucks, maybe I should have asked her how I can<br/>beat this creep ... "|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =おい、何で私の考えてる事が判るんだよ|en =Hey, how can you tell what I'm thinking?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(さとり……聞いた事がある<br/> 地底で最も嫌われている妖怪だと)
(心が読める妖怪。その能力により<br/> 言葉を持たない怨霊を従え……)
(言葉を持たない動物にのみ好かれる<br/> 動物は成長し強力な妖怪になると)|en =(Satori ... I've heard of those before.<br/>They're said to be the most hated of the youkai underground.)
(A youkai that can read your heart. They can<br/>use their power to control the wordless spirits ... )
(And only wordless animals love them.<br/>The animals grow up to become powerful youkai.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =……|en =... ...|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =さあどうしたの?<br/>間欠泉を止めに行かないの?|en =Well, what's the matter?<br/>Aren't you off to stop the geyser?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =何か心を読まれるってのは居心地が悪いな|en =I don't feel comfortable with someone who can read my mind around.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =私には見える<br/>心を読む第三の目が貴方の心象を映し出す! 貴方の心の中にある美しい弾幕が<br/>貴方を苦しめるでしょう! さあ、これからが本番よ!
眠りを覚ます<ruby><rb>恐怖の記憶貴方の心の中にある美しい弾幕が<br /rb><rp>(</rp><rt>トラウマ</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>で眠るがいい!貴方を苦しめるでしょう!|en =I can see it ...<br/>My mind-reading third eye will project show me your feelingsvery heart!
The beautiful danmaku in your heart<br/>will make you suffer!}}{{DialogTable|status| status =[[Satori Komeiji]] PAUSES}}{{DialogTable| char =Satori| ja =さあ、これからが本番よ!
眠りを覚ます{{ruby-ja|恐怖の記憶|トラウマ}}で眠るがいい!| en =Here's where it really begins!
Now, sleep with this trauma that will leave you sleepless!
}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspan="2" alignstatus ="center" |[[Satori Komeiji]] DEFEATED|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =なかなか強かったわ<br/>やっぱり人間を襲うのは良いわね|en =Hm, you're quite strong.<br/>It's good to attack humans.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……ではさっき言っていた<br/> ペットの元へ案内して欲しいわ)|en =(... ... Now, I'd like you to<br/>take us to that pet you mentioned before.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =良いでしょう<br/>ただ……
私も長い間会っていないペットなんで<br/>今頃どんな妖怪に成長しているのか判らないけど|en =Very well.<br/>However ...
I haven't seen this particular pet in quite some time,<br/>so I don't know what sort of youkai she's grown up to be.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =飼育放棄だな<br/>無責任な飼い主が増えて腹が立つぜ|en =What kind of master are you?<br/>It pisses me off how many irresponsible pet owners there are these days.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =私のペットは色んな怨霊や妖怪を吸収して<br/>育つから
|en =My pets take care of themselves by absorbing<br/>various spirits and youkai.
Letting them run free is the best way to keep my stress down.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(さっき途中で会った猫も放し飼い……<br/> うちの猫と同じね)|en =(That cat we met before was probably running free ...<br/>Just like our cat.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =お前、猫なんて飼っていたか?|en =Huh, you have a cat?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……飼っていたのは人間だったかも<br/> 誤差の範囲)|en =(... ... maybe that was a human we had.<br/>It's within the margin of error.)<ref>Patchouli means [[Sakuya Izayoi]]. Starting from ''[[Immaterial and Missing Power]]'', Patchouli refers to Sakuya as a cat.</ref>|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Satori|ja =それでは中庭に案内しましょう<br/>そこに地底最深部に通ずる穴があります|en =Well, I'll take you to the courtyard.<br/>There's a hole there that leads to the deepest parts of the underground.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =まだ潜るのかよ|Running off en =Heading down again?|}}{{DialogTable/Footer}}
== Stage 5 ==<center>[[ImageFile:th11Stage5titleTh11Stage5Title.jpgpng|frame|none|Hellfires of Times Past]]<{{DialogTable/center>Header}}{{DialogTable| border="1" cellpadding="5"h1|- alignja ="center" |昔時の業火|! widthen ="50%" |昔時の業火! width="50%" |Hellfires of Times Past}}{{DialogTable|st- align="center" |title||ja =灼熱地獄跡|en =Remains of of the Blazing Hell}}{{DialogTable|- alignh1| ja ="center" {{lang|en|! BGM: 魔獄ララバイ!}} 廃獄ララバイ| en =BGM: Lullaby of Demonic Deserted Hell|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =中庭って暑いもんなんだなー|en =It sure is hot in this courtyard.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(中庭だから暑いって訳じゃない)
|en =(YouIt're s not because you're supposed to be hot in the courtyard.)
(You're hot because you're wearing those heavy clothes.)
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =確かに厚着してるな<br/>冬だからこのぐらいは当たり前なんだが|en =Yeah, I sure am.<br/>This is what you I wear in winter, you know.}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspanstatus ="2" align="center" |Cat ENTERS|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =……猫だぜ
|en =... ... it's a cat.<br/>I wonder if cats love me now?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(……地獄に炎に黒い猫。不吉な)|en =(... ... a black cat in the flames of hell. What a bad omen.)}}{{DialogTable|- alignh1| ja ="center"{{lang|en|!BGM: 死体旅行~Be }} 死体旅行 ~ {{lang|en|Be of good cheer! }}!| en =BGM: Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspanstatus ="2" align="center" |Cat TRANSFORMS INTO [[Rin Kaenbyou]]|-}}!{{DialogTableRin| char =???|ja =じゃじゃーん
お姉さん、やーるねー<br/>ほれぼれする強さだね!|en =Tada~
Hey, sis, you're pretty good!goodー<br/>Your strength is growing on me!|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =なんと!<br/>猫が人になったぜ|en =What!<br/>The cat turned into a person!|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(猫と人……誤差の範囲ね)|en =(A cat and a person ... within the margin of error.)}}{{DialogTable|- align="center" |h1|!ja =地獄の輪禍<br/>お燐火焔猫 燐!| en =Hell's Traffic Wheel Accident<br/>[[Rin Kaenbyou|Orin]]|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Rin|ja =そうそうお姉さん、間欠泉を調べてるんだって?<br/>さっき聞いていたよ!
|en =Oh yeah, sis, you wanted to find out about that geyser, right?<br/>I heard you talkin' about it before!
Ya canYou'd better give up. You't stop it, you knowd better give up.<br/>Ya gotta hafta meet the worst bird ever to see itstop the geyser.
If she touches you, you'll melt right away,<br/>and looking in her eyes will drive you mad!
And now she's so dazzling you can't see a thing.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =だってさパチュリー<br/>どうする?|en =But, uh, Patchouli ...<br/>What now?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(行くしかないでしょ?<br/> そいつの元に)
(間欠泉は止めないと<br/> もっと大変な事になるんだから)|en =(You can only keep going, right?<br/>Right on past her.)
(If you can't stop the geyser,<br/>then something worse will happen.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =しょうがないなー<br/>お前は地上で見てるだけだろうけど
|en =Guess I have no choice ...<br/>But you're just watching from up there.
It's really hot down here.
|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(見てるだけじゃないよ<br/> 紅茶を飲みながら見ている)|en =(I'm not just watching.<br/>I'm drinking tea while watching.)|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Rin|ja =お姉さん、この先に行くのかい?<br/>それとも行かないのかい?|en =Hey, sis, you wanna keep going?<br/>Or you gonna turn back?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =行きたくない!|en =I don't wanna keep going!|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Rin|ja =ほう、生きたくないって?<br/>そりゃ嬉しいねぇ!
お姉さんの強い死体、魂<br/>あたいがじっくり運んであげる!|en =Aw, you don't wanna keep going?<ref>"行きたくない"="I don't wanna keep going", "生きたくない"="I don't wanna keep living". Both are pronounced "Ikitakunai".</ref><br/>Great!
I'll be sure to be careful with<br/>your strong corpse and spirit when you're dead!}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspanstatus ="2" align="center" |[[Rin Kaenbyou]] DEFEATED|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Rin|ja =くー、お姉さん本当にやるねぇ<br/>あたい、いたく感動したよ!|en =Man, you're really strong.<br/>It's really movingtouching!|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(魔理沙<br/> この先に行かないの?)
(散々人の家から本を<br/> 盗っておいて)|en =(Marisa,<br />aren't you going any further?)
|-(You have to go steal lots of<br />books from people's houses.)}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =しょうがないなー<br/>今回だけは行ってやるよ
で、間欠泉?<br/>そいつを止めるにはどうすればいい?|en =Guess I gotta ...<br/>Just this once!
So, what about the geyser?<br/>How can we stop her?|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Rin|ja =行くんだね行くんだね!<br/>もう止めやしないよ
お姉さんみたいに強い死体が<br/>あいつにやっつけられてしまうなんて|Just keep on en =You're going, right? You're going!, right?<br/>Ya canI won't stop nowya.
Man, I'm so happy.
There's no way she could do in<br/>a corpse as strong as you!|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =生きてるけどな|en =Hey, I'm still alive.|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Patchouli|ja =(調べたわ<br/> こいつは火車という妖怪で……)|en =(Ah, I've found it.<br/>She's a type of youkai called a kasha ... )|-}}!{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|ja =だから、倒した後の妖怪の情報は要らないぜ|en =I told you, I don't need to know about youkai after I've already beat them.|}== Stage 6 ==<center>[[Image:th11Stage6title.jpg|frame|none|]]<{{DialogTable/center>{| border="1" cellpadding="5"|- align="center" ||! width="50%" |荒々しい二つ目の太陽! width="50%" |The Tempestuous Second Sun|- align="center" |||地底都市最深部|The Deepest Part of the Underground City|- align="center" ||! BGM: 業火マントル!BGM: Hellfire Mantle|-|! colspan="2" align="center" |[[Rin Kaenbyou]] ENTERS|-!Rin|そうそう、一つ忘れてたよ| |-!Marisa||Footer}}
==Stage 6==[[File:Th11Stage6Title.png|frame|The Tempestuous Second Sun]]{{DialogTable/Header}}{{DialogTable|h1| ja =荒々しい二つ目の太陽|en =The Tempestuous Second Sun}}{{DialogTable|st-title| ja =地底都市最深部| en =The Deepest Part of the Underground City}}{{DialogTable|h1| ja ={{lang|en|BGM:}} 業火マントル| en =BGM: Hellfire Mantle}}{{DialogTable|status| status =[[Rin Kaenbyou]] ENTERS!}}{{DialogTable| char =Rin|ja =そうそう、一つ忘れてたよ| en =Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya something.}}{{DialogTable| char =Marisa| ja =?| en =?}}{{DialogTable| char =Rin<| ja ={{ruby><rb>-ja|地獄の底</rb><rp>(</rp><rt>|ここら</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>}}で死ぬとみんな焼けて灰すら残らない<br/>死体が欲しけりゃ
|en =If you die around here, you'll burn so hard there won't even be ashes left.<br />If I want your corpse,
I'd better take ya down here!}}{{DialogTable|-status|! colspan="2" alignstatus ="center" |[[Rin Kaenbyou]] DEFEATED}}{{DialogTable| char =Marisa|-ja =何だよ、進めば進むほどに暑いじゃないか!| en =It keeps getting hotter the farther I go!Marisa}}{{DialogTable|何だよ、進めば進むほどに暑いじゃないか!char =Patchouli|ja =(そういうもんね<br /> 山を登ると気温が下がるんだから)
|-!Patchouli(逆に地下に潜れば気温が上がる<br /> 簡単に推測できるじゃない)|(そういうもんねen =(That's to be expected.<br/> 山を登ると気温が下がるんだから)If you climb a mountain, the temperature falls.)
(逆に地下に潜れば気温が上がる(Contrarily, the further underground you go, the higher the temperature is.<br/>It's an easy enough conclusion to come to.) 簡単に推測できるじゃない)}}{{DialogTable| char =Marisa| ja =さっきの街は雪が降っていて寒かったがな| en =But it was cold and snowy in that city before.}}{{DialogTable|status| status =[[Utsuho Reiuji]] ENTERS}}{{DialogTable| char =???|ja =見つけたわ!
お燐から話は聞いたわ<br />間欠泉を止めたいんだって?|-en =I found you!Marisa|さっきの街は雪が降っていて寒かったがな|
Orin told you about me.<br />You want to stop the geyser, right?}}{{DialogTable|-char =Marisa|ja =来たぜ!<br />間欠泉を止めな!| en =Here she is! colspan<br />Don't stop the geyser!}}{{DialogTable| char ="2" alignPatchouli| ja =(間欠泉を止めて)| en ="center" (Please stop the geyser.)}}{{DialogTable|h1|ja =熱かい悩む神の火<br />霊烏路空| en =Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame<br />[[Utsuho Reiuji]] ENTERS}}{{DialogTable|-char =Utsuho!| ja =間欠泉がどうしたのかしら?<br />何で止めなきゃいけないのかしら?| en =What about the geyser, now?<br />Why do I have to stop it?}}{{DialogTable| char =Marisa| ja =そうだ、何で止めなきゃいけないんだ?| en =Oh yeah, why does she have to stop it?}}Utsuho{{DialogTable|char =Patchouli見つけたわ!| ja =(……あの間欠泉は、怨霊の通路と<br /> なっている)
お燐から話は聞いたわ(こうしている今も怨霊が次々と<br/>間欠泉を止めたいんだって?| 湧いているの)
|-!Marisa(怨霊は生き物、いや生き物以外にも<br /> 取り憑き恨みを生む)|来たぜ!en =(...... that geyser is a path for vengeful spirits<br/>間欠泉を止めな!|to come above ground.)
|-!Patchouli|(間欠泉を止めて)|(Vengeful spirits are gushing out of it even<br />as we speak.)
|(The spirits will possess any living thing, no, even non- align="center" ||!熱かい悩む神の火living<br/>things and create ill will.)霊烏路 空!The Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame<br/>}}[[Utsuho Reiuji]]{{DialogTable|-!char =Utsuho|間欠泉がどうしたのかしら?ja =怨霊……?<br/>何で止めなきゃいけないのかしら?|間欠泉と一緒に怨霊ですって?
|-!Marisa|そうだ、何で止めなきゃいけないんだ?変な話ねぇ。私は怨霊なんか知らないわよ?<br />怨霊はお燐の管轄の筈……|en =Vengeful spirits...?<br />Vengeful spirits from the geyser?
What a weird story. I don't know anything about any vengeful spirits.<br />They should be Orin's territory...}}{{DialogTable|-char =Patchouli| ja =(出ている物は出ているの!<br /> だから間欠泉ごと止めればいいの)| en =(It doesn't matter, they're coming out!<br />So, just stop the geyser.)Patchouli}}{{DialogTable|char =Marisa(……あの間欠泉は、怨霊の通路と| ja =ふーん<br/> なっている)そんな話なら最初から言ってくれれば良いのに
(こうしている今も怨霊が次々と私がこいつをとっちめて間欠泉を止めて<br/>今夜は鳥で一杯だ! 湧いているの)| en =Hmmm.<br />You should have told me that from the beginning.
(怨霊は生き物、いや生き物以外にもI'll beat her and stop the geyser,<br/>and we'll feast on bird tonight! 取り憑き恨みを生む)}}{{DialogTable| char =Utsuho|ja =うーん<br />ちょっと釈然としない所があるけど
|-!Utsuho私は怨霊なんか送り込む気はないわ<br />私自らが地上に行くつもりだったのに|怨霊……?en =No.<br/>間欠泉と一緒に怨霊ですって?I don't know everything about what's going on, but...
変な話ねぇ。私は怨霊なんか知らないわよ?I don't care about sending any spirits in.<br/>I wanted to go see above ground for myself...怨霊はお燐の管轄の筈……}}{{DialogTable|h1| ja ={{lang|en|BGM:}} 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ {{lang|en|Nuclear Fusion}}| en =BGM: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion}}{{DialogTable| char =Utsuho| ja =そして地上は核の炎で溶かし尽くされる
|-!Patchouli|(出ている物は出ているの!貴方は、その前哨戦を担える器を持っているの?<br/> だから間欠泉ごと止めればいいの)核融合に見合った強大な力を!|en =And then I'll melt it all away with my atomic fire.
Are you strong enough to fight in the preliminaries?<br />Do you have a power that can match nuclear fusion!?}}{{DialogTable|status| status =[[Utsuho Reiuji]] DEFEATED}}{{DialogTable|status|-status =If player is playing on Easy or has continued}}!{{DialogTable|statusnr| status =Ending No. 11}}{{DialogTable|status| status =If player has not continued and is playing on Normal or higher}}Marisa{{DialogTable|statusnr|status =Ending No. 5}}ふーん<br{{DialogTable/>そんな話なら最初から言ってくれれば良いのにFooter}}
{{SubpageNav|-!Utsuho[[../|Story]]|Prologue|R1=Marisa and Patchouli's Extra|うーん<br/>ちょっと釈然としない所があるけどR1l=Extra Scenario|R2=Extra Story}}
私は怨霊なんか送り込む気はないわ<br/>私自らが地上に行くつもりだったのに|{{Project Translations Notice}}
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