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Spinning enemies

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回転敵 (かいてんてき)
Spinning enemies
Spinning enemeis from EoSD
Spinning enemies from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Misty Lake, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Netherworld

Official Games

These spinning enemies (回転敵 Kaiten teki) are stage enemies that are a type of cross-shaped needle creature that somewhat recur in the early games of the Windows era of the Touhou Project. Their white appearance has eight branches with a tiny dot in the centre. It's unknown what their true names are or what they're associated with, as the term "spinning enemies" was merely used by ZUN;[1] it appears that even he does not know what these are.

Enemy's Appearances

Windows games

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil & Perfect Cherry Blossom

These spinning enemies appear as general enemies in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Perfect Cherry Blossom. They first appeared on stage 2 of the former game over at the Misty Lake, and they appear more common throughout the game. Like the fairies, they'll shoot danmaku at the player, and their brutality depends on the difficulty and stage. They re-appear again in Perfect Cherry Blossom, becoming more common. They first appeared on Stage 4 of the game, and they even appear on the Extra and Phantasm stage, having vigorous bullets to shoot at the player.

Additional Information

  • The Windmills, Flying yin-yangs and Kedama have a few similarities to the spinning enemies with the way they spin and how they enter the screen.
  • It's unknown if these are variant of Windmills from the PC-98, or are based on these.
  • ZUN states that these did not have collision detection on Stage 4 of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil because he felt that if they did, it would make dodging danmaku unenjoyable if the player happened to be flying into a spinning enemy physically multiple times.[1]