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Spring Path

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(はる) 小径 (こみち)
Spring Path
ɾ̠ɯᵝ no̞ ko̞mit͡ɕi
Spring Path
Spring Path on Fairy Wars route C-1

Near Misty Lake and Forest of Magic

Official Games

The Spring Path (春の小径 Haru no Komichi) is a mysterious, long path full of flowers and cherry blossom.

General Information

There isn't much information about the path as a whole. It seems to be connected to the Misty Lake and the Forest of Magic. The ground is overwhelmed with flowers and it is plausible that it is covered with cherry blossoms.[1][2][3] The name may be derived from the falling cherry petals and blooming flowers which is an occurring event during spring. It is also possibly related to Reimu's theme "Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path" from Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Path's Appearances

While it was spring, the events of Fairy Wars happened. It appeared there as various stages. At three of the five fights you will encounter Lily Black as a midboss and the stage's boss will always be one of the Three Fairies of Light.


Additional Information

  • In the data files of Fairy Wars, the images used for each background of the Spring Path is, apart from different colouring, exactly the same as the background image used for the Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path of the same game.

Official Sources

Official sources
  • 2010/08/14 Fairy Wars - Location route A1-3; Location route A2-2; Location route B1-3; Location route B2-2; Location Route B1-3; Location route C-1


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