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Stage enemies

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Stage enemies (also general enemies or generic enemies) are characters, creatures or other objects that appears in-game and that they fly onto the screen and shoot danmaku at the player. They are a lower rank to a boss or a midboss of the games. A majority of enemies are nameless and are thus only referred to by an identification, sometimes they'll even not have identifications. Characters such as Lily White have appeared as a general enemy.

List of Enemies

This is a list of known enemies that've appeared in the Touhou Project and other related series.


BakebakeShining objectCannonHannya maskCrowEvil EyeBlood-Vessel Yin-Yang Orbs‎Puffball‎WindmillTwisterHoshizakoHaatozakoCrescent enemiesFairyDemonIce

Windows 1st Generation

FairySpinning enemiesIceFairy MaidBookKedamaYin-Yang OrbSpiritSunflower FairyLily White

Windows 2nd & 3rd Generations

FairySunflower FairyKedamaCrowRockWheel GhostVengeful spiritZombie FairyRavenDivine spiritPhantomAnimal Spirit

Seihou Project

Unnamed VIVIT look-alikes

Project Blank


General Information

Screenshot of four enemies: Fairy, Sunflower Fairy, Spirit and Lily White, as seen in PoFV

Stage enemies are usually trivial to deal with compared to their boss and midboss counterparts. However, they haven't got a health bar of some sort to tell the player when they're defeated. Depending on the game, stage and difficulty, various enemies will appear and shoot danmaku that are either simple, brutal or vigourous, making the player to memorise the patterns in order to dodge the bullets, along with giving different scores.

The player must defeat these enemies as quickly as possible in order to minimise dodging time. However, there are some cases, where defeating an enemy will result in a "return bullet", where defeating them are unnecessary if they didn't shoot bullets to begin with (a notable example is the vengeful spirits on stage 5 of SA). However, this doesn't give points. Some enemies, such as the Sunflower Fairy, have acted as a "mini-boss", a rank between the normal stage enemy and a midboss, requiring the player the defeat such enemy to proceed or minimise dodging time.

Enemies will score points to the player's overall hi-score. They'll even sometimes provide various items that the player can collect, such as a P power-up, graze, a bomb or a 1-up. These can change to different drop items depending on the player's status. However, no enemy is thus far shown to hold a spell card and that the enemies actually have little aspect towards the Touhou Project, since characters and music is the series' main attention.

Terminology and names

ZUN has occasionally used the term zako (ザコ), or its kanji form "雑魚", which literally means "small fish" or "small fry", and which is used in video games to refer to minor enemies.

Many enemies have no official name. However, the fanbase has given them unofficial names, such as Hoshizako. Enemies like these often have zako as a suffix.


Almost all enemies have no portrait, and thus only exists as sprites. Like Koakuma and other characters without artwork, the fanbase speculates their appearance based on their sprite.

Reception and fandom