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Star Sapphire
stɑ˞ səˈfaɪɚ (♫)
Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire in Fairy Wars
Showering Star Light
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Detection of moving things


Unknown, immortal


Member of the Three Fairies of Light


Near the Hakurei shrine (formerly Forest of Magic)

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Star Sapphire (スターサファイア Suta Safaia) is a fairy and one of the members of the Three Fairies of Light, along with Sunny Milk and Luna Child. She currently lives in a tree close to the Hakurei Shrine with her two partners. She often pranks humans along with her two partners, using her ability to sense animate objects from a distance to her advantage.

General Information[edit]

Star first appeared in the manga Touhou Sangetsusei's first work Eastern and Little Nature Deity as one of the three main protagonists, and had the same role throughout the sub-series. ZUN stated that the reason why he chose Star, Sunny, and Luna as main characters is because the three of them have little fighting ability, yet are much more outgoing than Rinnosuke, making them ideal characters for introducing various aspects of Gensokyo's daily life that Rinnosuke Morichika does not participate in.[Ref. Needed] She later made an appearance in a game as a boss in Fairy Wars and a background appearance in Hopeless Masquerade.

Star, much like her partners, isn't very powerful. Her power is to sense animate objects from afar, usually allowing her to know when trouble is coming or when to act during a prank. Unlike her two partners, her power does not weaken at any time, as stars are always present in the sky, even during the day. During Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Luna moves from her residence in the Forest of Magic to a new home near to the Hakurei Shrine.


Star is often described as having more common sense than other fairies, being calmer, often avoiding fights, and letting her two partners getting caught as she is making her getaway. As her two other partners, she is rather fond of alcohol.

Unlike her partners, she has the most bizarre sense of perception. Sometimes, things that would cause Sunny and Luna to panic, such as an imminent incident or seeing a mountain of human skulls, Star seems to find fun and exciting.

Just as bizarre are also her interests, which include examining strange rocks, or keeping a mushroom bonsai tree as a hobby.


Detection of moving things

Like a radar, she is able to sense things that exist from afar. In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it became "moving things", but according to her speech and conduct as well as Shanghai Alice Correspondence Three Fairies Version, she is "only able to know moving things, and unrelated to being among that, living things" (for living things, she isn't able to make distinctions other than size).

There hasn't been a depiction of concretely what range she is able to grasp things, but if she isn't preoccupied with other things, it seems that she's able to grasp a reasonably wide range, but it also seems that if there are a very large number of living things, then the important information gets buried. Also, she wasn't able to recognise Reisen Udongein Inaba who was invoking her ability.

There's hardly any instance where this ability caused direct damage in mischief, but as it's support orientated, in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it was even written that "when she is on observation duty, she can be a threat." If Star were not to slack off, then the the three fairies' pranks would become quite nasty. That is, if she doesn't slack off.

As for recovery from injury – different from Sunny Milk and Luna Child's case – she isn't affected at all by the weather and constantly recovers at ease. As for how she slacks off, different from the other youkai and shinigami who are beaten, she uses her ability and skilfully slacks off.

Character Design[edit]

Star, as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.


Her full name is Star Sapphire (スターサファイア). Star's name is based on the element which she draws power from: the stars. Her name may also relate to the "Star SAFIRE® series", an imaging gyro-stabiliser used for detection. Probably a coincidence, there's a villain known as Star Sapphire in DC Comics.


Star's appearance goes through some changes throughout the series. At first, in Eastern and Little Nature Deity, she's described having long black hair, a blue ribbon attached to it, and gray eyes, as well as butterfly-shaped wings. She wears a white and blue dress, the top part being mostly white, having a blue shoulder cloth, and the bottom part being blue. She has long sleeves and a blue piece of cloth attached around her waist, attaching as a ribbon in her back. She also wears boots.

From Strange and Bright Nature Deity onwards, Star's hair is brown, and her eyes are now yellow. She wears a frilly blue dress, having a white shoulder cloth and white long sleeves. She also has a small blue string attached as a ribbon at neck-level. In Fairy Wars, her dress is depicted as having stars on it, but these don't appear in her later appearances in Strange and Bright Nature Deity or Oriental Sacred Place.



Fairy Wars
Star's sprite in FW

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, during New Year's eve, Sunny Milk decides that she wants to bond all the fairies together to cause an incident. Sunny then crushes Cirno's home, along with her partners including Luna who follows Sunny's plan and leaving a flag showcasing images of their faces to show their superiority. Afterwards, Cirno sets on sending them a declaration of war, but the fairy trio believes that it's from the humans and train for the months to come everyday, believing they would soon fight Reimu Hakurei.

The next spring, they are confronted by Cirno, who was reminded by the fairies flag that they had destroyed her house months prior, resulting in the Fairy War.

Hopeless Masquerade
Star in HM

Star made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hakurei Shrine, Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum and Youkai Tanuki Forest stage. On each stage, she is seen with Luna Child and Sunny Milk floating and cheering.


Eastern and Little Nature Deity / Strange and Bright Nature Deity / Oriental Sacred Place / Visionary Fairies in Shrine

These graphic novels follow the daily occurrences of Star Sapphire, Sunny Milk, and Luna Child.


Sunny Milk & Luna Child

Star lives with Sunny Milk and Luna Child in the same house. They often go out together when playing pranks, although Sunny Milk is usually the mastermind of their plans. She, along with her two partners, met a lot of the residents of Gensokyo in their daily adventures.

Marisa Kirisame

They are also one of the few customers who actually used the services of Marisa's Kirisame Magic Shop, its owner sometimes help the trio, and the opposite as well, although she's also prone to their pranks.


They are also impressed by Cirno's ability to control ice, asking her to help with some pranks, but soon after end in a small war against her.

Nitori Kawashiro

During the events of Hopeless Masquerade, Star Sapphire was working with Luna Child and Sunny Milk at Nitori's stall, near the Hakurei Shrine.





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