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Player Types

Reimu A: Reimu A is basically a range-type option. Without relying on the Yin-Yang Orb's powers, she focuses on her amulets. Thus, it is ideal for waves of enemies that are coming. When at full power, the center changes into red orbs being shot out and deals more damage towards enemies (but not as much as the other options). Her movement is very fast and the player should take caution when trying to move around the bullets.
Reimu B: Reimu B is a balanced type of player. It has ideal range and power. She relies on both the Yin-Yang Orb's power and her amulets. When at full power, her attack transforms into the signature shot type that appears in the later series: The Homing Amulet. Her Yin-Yang Orb will have auto-targeting amulets that will hit any enemy in site. Her movement is fair and ideal in any situation.
Reimu C: Reimu C is a risky choice because she relies heavily on the Yin-Yang Orb's power, thus, no amulets. Although her power grows considerably later on, her range is pretty short. However, full power will lead into satisfying results as her Yin-Yang orb shoots out lasers and purple bullets that will penetrate the enemy. Another reason it is risky is because her movement is slow and you may not get into a spot you need to be in time. So you must be aware of the situations that are coming. It is a good choice, however, if you need to take down bosses fast. Just be careful not to die or that penetration will be gone.

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