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This page details the story in Story of Eastern Wonderland.


One day at the Hakurei Shrine, many monsters and ghosts suddenly appear on the shrine grounds. Concerned as to the source of this outbreak, Reimu Hakurei takes her Yin-Yang Orb and flies into the air atop Genjii to put a stop to it.

What she doesn't realize as she leaves the shrine is that Mima has broken out of the seal Reimu placed on her during Highly Responsive to Prayers, in the hokora behind the shrine.

Main Scenario

Reimu first runs into various creatures and machinery, such as the bakebake, the Shrine Tank and a few cannons. She then runs into Rika nearby, who proceeds to use her tanks to attack the shrine maiden. She and her Flower-Tank are defeated easily, and while Rika attempts to lure Reimu into a trap, Reimu doesn't take the bait.

Later, in an unknown place, Reimu encounters Meira, a samurai bent on obtaining the power of Hakurei for herself. Without realizing what she means until later, Reimu beats her and enters the World of Fantasies. There, she faces the Five Magic Stones and defeats them in combat.

After Stage 3, it is assumed that she arrives in Reimaden, assumed to be inside the World of Fantasies. She finds the "final boss", Mima, having returned from Highly Responsive to Prayers, intent on exacting revenge on the entire human race. However, before the two can do battle, Mima sends what appears to be her underling or apprentice, Marisa Kirisame, to fight the shrine maiden.

Once Reimu defeats the magician, she faces Mima herself. Despite many warnings to quit and come back later, Reimu and the ghost do battle. During the fight, Mima explains the Hakurei clan's true power: the ability to control the Yin-Yang Orbs, which feed off of the user's power, and, when fully loaded, can release enormous amounts of energy all at once. Later in her dialogue, however, it seems that Mima's objective was never quite to acquire them. After a long, multiple-phase battle, Mima is defeated and sealed back into the hokora.

Extra Stage

Unlike other games, it is implied that the Extra Stage takes place before the endings, since they happen a month later.

The monsters and ghosts around the shrine didn't disappear, though. During the Extra Stage, Reimu once again chases down Rika, who brings out her full arsenal of tanks, including Evil Eye Σ. This was the trap Rika wanted to lure the shrine maiden into. After an extremely fierce battle, Reimu prevails once again. Genjii mentions it was probably because of the power of the Yin-Yang Orbs, but Reimu doesn't want to admit that.


A month later, Reimu is going about her daily business, and realizes that Mima has once again escaped from her seal. Not knowing where the ghost went, Reimu takes off on Genjii once again, who decides it's finally time to explain the "true" power of the Yin-Yang Orbs. The power he explains is based on what ending you get.

In Reimu A's ending, the ability is "to eat sweets and not get fat". Genjii suggests that that power is what the enemies were most likely after - after all, they are all young girls who would love to be able to eat candy all the time. So, instead of going somewhere important, Reimu instead heads to a cafe, where she proceeds to order chocolate, parfaits, and the like.

In Reimu B's ending, the ability is "to smell like your favorite scent". Genjii makes various suggestions as to how Reimu should use this. Reimu goes to bed smelling like strawberries.

In Reimu C's ending, the ability is "to turn into a cat whenever the user chooses". Genjii suggests that the enemies Reimu encountered were probably cat lovers, and thus wanted to steal the Yin-Yang Orbs. Reimu gives in at the end and turns one into a cat.

The bad endings are basically Marisa in the wake of Mima and the other bosses running away, forcing training on Reimu. The methods are quite torturous, resulting in Reimu screaming for help.