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Story of Eastern Wonderland/Story/Prologue

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修業?も順調だったが、靈夢が急におふとんで眠りたい っと言い始めたので、とりあえず神社へもどることにした。

Here among the mountains in a certain eastern land lies the relatively peaceful Hakurei Shrine. To strengthen her spiritual power, Reimu, the shrine's only maiden, had withdrawn into the mountains to train for a bit of training.
"Training? That's been going all right, but suddenly I want to sleep in my futon!" she said, and made up her mind to return to the shrine.
But when she got back there, she found the place infested with youkai and other crazed, inhuman freaks.[1]


Reimu: What's all this!? I won't be able to get to sleep with this going on... Very well, I can show you the fruits of my training!

しかし、修業嫌いの靈夢が山に入っていたのは、山によくある隠し湯と、おいしい秋の味覚が目的であったので、たいした修業もしていなかった。 But Reimu hated training, and her real aim in going to the mountains was relaxing in their many hidden hot springs and savoring the delicious autumn foods. Between these pursuits, she hadn't done very much actual training.

玄爺「御主人様、今度の妖怪は妙に統制がとれてます。つまりどこかにこいつらの親玉がいるはずじゃ。それに、なんとなく異文化の力も感じとれますぞ・・・ とにかく、わしもついていくとするかの」

Genjii: My lady, these youkai seem strangely controlled. Their leader must somewhere nearby. I can also somehow sense the power of a foreign culture... in any case, I suppose I shall be accompanying you.

靈夢のしもべの亀、玄爺は靈夢を心配しながらそういった。 Genjii, Reimu's loyal turtle servant, said worriedly.


Reimu: I was going to take you anyway. After all, I can't fly...

Then Reimu took Genjii and, as always, the secret treasure of Hakurei Shrine: the Yin-Yang Orb. To find the source of the problem, she faced the shrine to exterminate the youkai.
Though she would meet many strange people in many strange places...

靈夢「すごく変だぜ(朝ケ丘 絵理子調)」

Reimu (like Eriko Asagawa[2]): Heh, sure is strange.

Translator's Notes

  1. Assuming that キチ○○ stands for キチガイ, which means "madman" (or, in this case, mad monster). In the text I've translated it as "crazed ... freak".
  2. Eriko Asagaoka is a character from Izumi Takemoto's manga "Apple Paradise", a manga that he drew many other references from, as well. This particular phrase is said in a rough, masculine tone of voice.
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