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ZUN's comments from the in-game music room and the .txt files included with the arranged MIDI versions for the SC-88Pro from his old music page.

High quality recordings of these MIDI files made with a real SC-88Pro can be found here.

Music List[edit]

Title screen theme
東方封魔録 ~ 浄土曼荼羅
Touhou fuumaroku ~ Joudo mandara
Eastern Demon-Sealing Record ~ Pure Land Mandala
FM Version

タイトルの曲です。 タイトルの割に長めな曲です、全部聞こうとするとデモプレイが始まってしまいます。 ところで、どこが東方なんでしょう。

The title theme. It's a pretty long song for a title theme, so the play demo will start if you try to listen to the whole thing. Hm, I wonder where the East is.

MIDI Version

MIDI版はますます東方な感じがしません(笑)。 大体、曲の後半部なんてどう聞いても中世風なきがするしなぁ。

The MIDI version doesn't sound very eastern (lol). And when you listen to the second half, you can't help but feel it sounds medieval...

Stage 1 theme
博麗 ~ Eastern Wind
Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind
FM Version

1面の曲です。(雰囲気が)重いです。 STGの1面の曲はノリがいい曲が多いですが、この曲は、ノリはいいんですが重いんですよね。 このゲーム、ストーリーはおちゃらけてるのに、音楽は雰囲気が重いし、敵の攻撃はかなり硬派だし・ そのミスマッチ、いい感じです。

The first stage theme. (The atmosphere is) heavy. A lot of shooting games have really energetic first stage themes, and this song is, too, but it's so dark. This game ... even though the story is a joke, the music is so serious, and the enemies are so hard. I like that kind of mismatch.

MIDI Version

メインの先律は、かなり派手な入り方をします。実は、1、2、3面とも同じような流れを持っています。(静かな曲から、派手な曲へ) これは、製作者がこういう曲しかつくれな・・・モゴモゴ・もとい、こういう曲が好きだからです。 後半部分はメロディを作り直してあります。どんな感じでしょう。

The main part comes in pretty flashy. Actually, the stage 1, 2, and 3 themes all have pretty much the same flow. (From quiet songs to flashy ones.) That's because the author can only make that kind of song... (sniff sniff) Er, I mean, because he likes that sort of song. The second half redoes the melody. What do you think of it?

th2_02.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


 東方Priject第2弾 東方封魔録より【 博麗 ~ Eastern Wind 】です。  懐かしい曲です。でも今も大差ないけど(^^;;;

 でも、この曲はSTGにしては、うーん。信じては貰えないでしょうが、実は今回、  Jazz風を目指してアレンジしみました。いやほんと。でも、出来るだけ元曲のイメージ  を崩さないようにすること注意してます。

 でも、こうして聞いてみると、FM 音源版、MIDI 音源版、そして今回のアレンジ版、  メインメロディ以外全て違うメロディなのに、全部同じに聞けてしまうのはなぜ(@[email protected]?

 ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland. It's a nostalgic song. Not much has changed, though. (^^;;;

Well, uh, it's an STG song. Believe it or not, I was aiming for a jazz-style arrangement. No, seriously. That said, I made sure not to tarnish the original song's image.

I'm wondering about one thing, though - in the FM version, the MIDI version, and finally this arranged version, everything besides the main melody is different.

So why does it all sound the same to me? (@[email protected]

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

th2_02pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 博麗 ~ Eastern Wind 】オリジナル版です。




ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is the original version of "Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland.

Despite being the first stage of a shooting game, there's suddenly this strange, dark, hard to get into song. (laugh) Because I'd just switched to PMD when I made this, it feels like I hadn't really gotten the hang of it yet.

I call it dark, but it's bright compared to the rest of SoEW's music, huh? (^^;;;

I actually worked hard to match this stage to its song, syncing the tempo with the scrolling speed, and making it so rain and thunder start up at the song's intense hook segment.

This song was my #1 favorite in SoEW at the time.

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Stage 1 Boss - Rika's theme
She's in a temper!! She's in a temper!!
FM Version

1面のボスの曲。 出来るだけ弱そうな雰囲気を出してみました。 この曲は少しは東方風に仕上がったと思っています。

The stage 1 boss theme. I tried to make it feel as weak as possible. I think this song sounds a little oriental.

MIDI Version

イントロ部分が短くなってます。 何でかというと、サビのあとの部分を新しく自分の得意なパターンでかいたのがいい感じなので、ゲーム中にそこまでまわる様にです。 つまり、1面のボスがすぐに死んでしまうのがいけないんですね。

The intro ended up pretty short. That's because the part after the hook is written with the type of pattern I was newly good at, so I tried to make sure you heard that far into the song ingame. In other words, the first boss musn't die too quickly.

Stage 2 theme
End of Daylight End of Daylight
FM Version

2面の曲、この曲をつくったのは結構昔になるので、曲調が他の曲と違うような気がします。 ほんとは、この曲は明け方の場面のイメージでつくったんだけどそんな場面をつくんなかったので、夜の場面で使ってます。 1面の曲とは、昼と夜、光と闇、で対照にしたつもりですが1面の曲がおもすぎ。む~

The second stage theme, I actually wrote this quite some time ago, so I think it feels different than the other songs. Actually, I wrote this song envisioning the dawn, but there weren't any scenes like that in the game, so I'm using it for a night scene. I wanted it to contrast the first stage theme - day and night, light and darkness - but the first stage theme was too heavy. Mmmm~

MIDI Version

夜なのに、鳥の鳴き声・・・ やはりこの曲は明け方のイメージですね。 やっぱりストリングメインです。私は激しい曲を作ってもあんまりギターを使わないんですよね。 ほんとならギュィィィィンって使いたいですが使えないので。

It's night, but birds are singing... this really is a dawn song. It really is a string song. I don't use guitars much, even for energetic songs. I'd really like to make them go gyeeeeen sometime, but I don't use them, so.

th2_04pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 End of Daylight 】オリジナル版です。


ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is the original version of "End of Daylight" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland.

I tried doing something experimental. Experimental or not, the Japanese style's fine, right~? (laugh)

In truth, this was originally a Stage 4 theme. However, the fairly slow tempo didn't fit too well, so off to Stage 2 it went.

As for the Stage 2 theme used before the switch, well, that's for another time. (I included it in Mystic Square as an unused track.)

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Stage 2 Boss - Meira's theme
Yami no chikara
Power of Darkness
FM Version

2面のボスの曲。 かっこいい系をめざしたけど、短いですね。

The stage 2 boss theme. I tried making something cool, but it's really short, isn't it?

MIDI Version

こういう短いフレーズはいくらでも思い付くんですよね。 まあ、ボスの曲だし短くても結構かなぁ。と。 (コメントも短い)

I think up lots of really short phrases like this. Well, it's a boss theme, so it's probably okay even if it's short. Yes. (The comments are short, too.)

Stage 3 theme
World of Fantasies
FM Version

幻夢界って、いったいどこなんでしょう。 決して宇宙空間ではないみたいですが・・・

I wonder just where the World of Fantasies is? I don't think it's anywhere in outer space, but...

MIDI Version

FM版に比べ、かなり派手になってます。 でも、この曲は幻想的な方が、ゲームの流れとしてはいいんですが・・・ ドラムパターンにHandCrapを入れるのは好きです。はい。

Compared to the FM version, it's pretty flashy. Still, it suits the game better when it's more phantasmal, but ... I like having the hand claps in the drum pattern. Yes.

th2_06pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 幻夢界 】オリジナル版です。


ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is the original version of "World of Fantasies" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland.

The intro makes you wonder "Is this really a shooting game?" This is the sort of rare song you don't see much recently. I think it sounds relatively "Japanese style", right? (laugh)

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Stage 3 Boss - The Five Magic Stones's theme
Shi wo toshite
Bet on Death
FM Version

3面のボスの曲。 急にボスが強くなります。 しかしこの曲はループが長いんだよね、大抵はメインのメロディが流れる終わるころには、ボスが死んでいるんだよね。

The third stage boss theme. The boss suddenly gets strong in this stage. However, the song has a long loop, so about the time the main melody ends, the boss should be dead.

MIDI Version

珍しくメインの先律がギターです。 正確にはギターの音色で音を出しているだけで、メロディがギターっぽくないです このメロディも、FM版と違います。作るの楽だった(^^;。

The main instrumentation is guitars, which is unusual for me. To be sure, I'm only using them for the guitar timbre; the melody isn't very guitar-ish. The melody is different from the FM version, too. It was easier to make this way (^^;

th2_07pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 死を賭して 】オリジナル版です。



ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is the original version of "Bet of Death" from ``the Story of Eastern Wonderland``.

Even now, I'm still not good at this sort of calm even while it's intense song.

This sort of track isn't that fun when you make it, but fits the game well... that sort of feeling's fine, I think.

Actually, when the song is too flashy I often lose to the danmaku, huh... (^^;

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Stage 4 theme
Himorogi, murasaki ni moe
Himorogi, Burn in Violet
FM Version

曲名の‘~にもえ’とは、burningのことであって、決して、もへぇとは違うと思います。 ノリが妙です。一言でいえば、‘変’。 あああ、どこが東方なんだ~。

The "~ni moe" in the title means burning, I think it's definitely different from moe~ The rhythm is unusual. In a word, strange. Ah, what's Oriental about this song, anyway~

MIDI Version

FM版で出来なかったことをいろいろやってます。ええ。 前半部分のメロディを新しく作り直しました。MIDI版のサビに入る前の部分が好きです。 なんかサビに向けていい感じじゃないですか。

I did a few things I couldn't do in the FM version. Yes. I redid the melody in the second half. I really like the part before the main bit in the MIDI version. Doesn't it feel like it's looking forward to the main part?

Stage 4 Boss - Marisa Kirisame's theme
Koiiro majikku
Love-Colored Magic
FM Version

魔理沙のテーマ。なんでもあり、最強魔法むすめ。 曲はアニメを意識したものにする予定でしたが、いくら頑張ってもヒロインものの様な曲は、私には作れなかったので(ただいま練習中)つよそうな、魔女っ娘ぽい曲を作ってみました。 少し東方な感じがすると思います。

Marisa's theme. She's the strongest magical girl. I tried to make the song feel like something from an anime, but try as I might, I just couldn't make something that had that heroine feel to it (I'm still practicing), so I tried to make something strong and witchy. I think it feels a little oriental.

MIDI Version

この曲は、全体的に少女のイメージをもたしてあります。 イントロ部分ははかない感じですが、先律のなんか元気な感じ、さびの強そうな感じ、でもなんか東方な感じがするんですよね。 といっても巫女さんには合いそうもないですが。(それいったら全部の曲がそう(^^;)

I tried my hardest to pack this song full of girliness. The intro feels fleeting and ephemeral, but the song feels very upbeat, the main melody feels strong, but somehow it feels Oriental, doesn't it? It doesn't match a shrine maiden that much, though. (None of the songs do, actually (^^; )

th2_09.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


 東方Priject第2弾 東方封魔録より【 恋色マジック 】です。  何処と無く中華に激しくアレンジしてみました。

 この曲、たしかゲームのコメントに魔法少女チックな曲を目指した、とかなんとか  書いたような気がするけど。アレンジでは最初から目指してません(^^;;

 この曲と東方夢時空のエレンのテーマ [ Tabula rasa ] だけが東方全シリーズの中で  えきぞちっくな雰囲気を持っていて(と思っている)お気に入りではあるのです。

 今回はえきぞちっくかつマニアックにアレンジしました(また適当なことを)  でも、アレンジというより元曲にかなり忠実ですが・・・。ひょっとしたら、  ゲームの Midi版の曲より FM 版に忠実だったりして(^^;;;


 ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Love-Colored Magic" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland. I ended up trying out rearranging violently it into a Chinese style.

I think I mentioned by writing in the game's commentary or something that this song was designed to be a Magical Girl-ish song. I did not aim to make an arrangement from the very beginning. (^^;;

This song and Ellen's "Tabula rasa" from PoDD are representative of the exotic feel present through the entire Touhou series (or so I think). I quite like that.

Thus this time, I made an arrangement with an exotic and maniac feel. That said, it ended up being quite faithful to the song rather than being an arrangement (appropriate as it might be)... It might be more faithful to the FM version than the game MIDI version, really. (^^;;;

This arrangement took me a couple hours despite it being a short song.

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

th2_09pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 恋色マジック 】オリジナル版です。



ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is the original version of "Love-Colored Magic" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland.

"Everything up until Stage 3 sounds dark and gloomy, so I'm gonna switch it up and make an anime-style song!~". A memory full of enthusiasm, indeed.

Is the result really anime-like, though...?

Anyways, Marisa herself was planned to be in the game from the start.

I'd wanted to have a go at a fight between a shrine maiden and a magician for ages beforehand, regardless of genre. (^^;;

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Final Stage theme
東方封魔録 ~ 幽幻乱舞
Touhou fuumaroku ~ Yuugen ranbu
Eastern Demon-Sealing Record ~ Spectral Boisterous Dance
FM Version

元タイトル曲です。いまは、すこぶる短い5面の曲です。 実は、PMDで初じめて作った曲です、だからあまりうまくはないですが、唯一の変拍子をもつ曲。 (唯一だったっけ?) でも、一番耳になじんでいます。

This was going to be the title song. Now, it's an uninteresting stage 5 theme. To tell you the truth, this is the first song I made in PMD, so it didn't go that well, but it's the only song that changes rhythm. (The only one?) Still, it's the song I'm most familiar with.

MIDI Version

難産です。はい。 なにせ、FM版を作ったのが八ヶ月前。そのくらい前の曲はイメージが固定されてるから、ベースを新しくかいたりするのが難しいのです。おかげで、3回ほど作り直しました。 後半メロディを新しくしてますが、結構いい感じですよねぇ? ねぇ?(汗) そういえばこの曲は、生楽器っぽい音が少ないのでゲームっぽくていいかも。

A difficult birth. Yes. In any case, I made the FM version eight months before. Since I'd decided on the song's image then, it was hard to rewrite the bass and other parts. As a result, I had to redo it three times. The melody in the second half is new, but isn't it nice? Isn't it? *sweatdrop* Come to think of it, this doesn't have many "real" instruments in it, so it's very good for game music.

Final Boss - Mima's theme
Complete Darkness Complete Darkness
FM Version

魅魔のテーマ。私は、ラスボスの曲をつくるにいつも約束ごととして考えていることがあります。 それは、当たり前ですが、軽い曲にしないこと、先律があって単調でないこと、不思議な曲であること、などです。 当然私の考えなので人によって違うと思いますが。

Mima's theme. There are a few points that I think are promised to last boss themes. Needless to say, it can't be too light, it can't be too simple, and it has to be mysterious, among other things. Of course, that's my opinion, so others may not agree.

MIDI Version

なんか、テンポがめちゃくちゃです。速くなったり遅くなったり。 でも、いかにもラストって感じがしませんか? 混沌とした感じ、殺人的に速いベース、ストリングとピアノとドラムオンリーのさび・・・ でも、なんか、テンポがずれてくような・・・

The tempo seems out of hand. It speeds up and slows down. But, doesn't it feel very, well, last? This feeling of chaos, the murderous bass, the string, piano, and drums only main melody... Still, it feels like the tempo is off...

th2_11.txt from 東方幻想的音楽


東方封魔録より【 Complete Darkness 】です。

これでもか、これでもか、と言うくらい激しく仕上げたつもりです。 せっかくのアレンジなので、新曲とは別の楽しみを味わいながら創りました。

元曲より、数段明るい感じになったよね。まぁでも、明るい曲ではないけど。 って、Complete Darkness (真暗闇)なのに明るくなってもしょうがないが(^^;

また、88Pro 以外で聞くとシンセリードのバリエーション音色が少ないので、主旋律が がみんな同じ音になってしまいます。 あと、ドラムにちょっと過激なGate Reverbを使用してみました。ちょっと新鮮。 でも、これも88Pro じゃないと聞けないんですよ(;_; 頑張って、サントラ創るので許して~(^^;

で、オリジナルのこの曲、この曲はイメージ先行で創った曲で、そのイメージが あまりにも印象に残り、以降、最終ボスというとこの曲に似てしまうという癖が(^^; とにもかくにも、ボス戦のテーマのルーツはこの曲にあります。

東方シリーズはこのイメージで創った曲も多く、非常にアレンジしやすくもあり 逆に個人的思い入れがありすぎていじりにくい部分もありました。 それだけにアレンジは苦労しましたね。

ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is "Complete Darkness" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland.

At this point, I do not care to say but that I've finished arranging this with such ferocity. It's an arrange unlike usual times, so I made a point in enjoying its fun in contrast to making new songs.

And there is a feeling from this song that became much brighter than the original piece. But well, it is not a bright song. "Complete Darkness" (Total darkness) yet having it bright, it just cannot be helped, (^ ^;

Also, since there are few variations of synth lead sound heard outside 88Pro, the main melody sounds all the same. Later, I tried to use the Gate Reverb in the drums a bit extremely. A little fresh. But (I do not think this can be heard without 88Pro ; _; even so I created the soundtrack to my best. Sorry~ (^ ^;

The original song was created where its imagery preceded it. This imagery gave far too much impression such that, later, it becomes a habit that any final boss songs becomes somewhat like this song (^ ^ When it comes to the final boss, the root theme starts from here.

Touhou series was also too difficult as this image brought out personal feelings to be tampered with when creating many songs, as it is very easy to arrange from here. This is the reason why this arrangement gave me such a hard time.

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

th2_11pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 Complete Darkness 】オリジナル版です。




ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Thank you for downloading this song.

This is the original version of "Complete Darkness" from the Story of Eastern Wonderland.

By the start of SoEW's production, I already had the last song complete in my head.

I didn't make it yet, though. (woah)

I made it without much planning based on what I was feeling at the time.

Ahh, when will we figure out a way to turn those imaginary songs into data? (laugh)

Anyways, it ended up being completely unfitting for a last song. (laugh)

Well then, let us meet again in the next song, shall we? ZUN

Extra Stage theme
クレイジーマジック (Internal title)
Kureijii majikku
Ekisutora rabu
Crazy Magic (Internal title)
Extra Love
FM Version

EXTRA STAGEの曲です。 この曲と、次の曲はもうきいたかな?まだの人は、がんばって全タイプノーコンティニュークリアをしようね。(イージーでも可) で、曲はというと、う~ん。うじゃうじゃ・・・

This is the Extra Stage song. This song and the next are all, are you sure you want to keep going? Let's do our best to beat the next person with a no continue clear. (Easy is fine, too.) So, that's what the song is like. Yep. Uja uja...

MIDI Version

FM版に比べ、かなりグレードアップしてます。 エレキピアノが、なんかラジオのような雰囲気をかもしだしていい感じです。 MIDI版のこのサビが、ちょっとお気に入り。このステージは、弾が激しくてそれどころじゃないかもしれないけど・・・

Compared to the FM version, it feels like it's leveled up. The electric piano gives it a sort of radio feel that's nice. The main melody in the MIDI version is pretty nice. This stage has so many bullets that maybe it's not the right place for it, though...

th2_12pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 エキストララブ 】オリジナル版です。



ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Extra Boss - Rika's 2nd theme
Sensha musume no miru yume
The Tank Girl's Dream
FM Version

ある天才少女のテーマ。 わざと初めはかわいげのある感じに仕上げてます。曲の後半部分は、かっこいい風に仕上だつもりです。 エキストララブの先律を使っています。でも、曲とは裏腹にこいつは・・・ つよすぎ~(^^;

The theme for a certain girl genius. At the early part, it's deliberately meant to feel particularly cute. In later part, I intended to finish the song in a cool style. The song uses the same progression as Extra Love. Still, conversely, this song is... ... too strong (^^;

MIDI Version

なんかFM版に比べ、悲しげにきこえるのは何故でしょう。 同じフレーズを繰り返してますが、ループまでかなり長いです。 長いからゲーム中は最後まできけないかっていうと、このボス、かなり長い(つまり強い)ので必ず最後まできけます。

Somehow, compared to the FM version, it sounds more tragic; I wonder why? It repeats the same phrases over and over, but it takes a long time to loop. You may think it's too long to listen to all, but this boss costs you quite a long time (that is, she's strong), so you can always listen to it till the last part.

Ending theme
Toono no mori
Forest of Tono
FM Version

エンディングの曲。 ちょっと暗め、エンディングは暗くないんだけど。

The ending song. It's a little dark, but the ending isn't really dark at all.

MIDI Version

もしかして、ゲーム中一番場面に合わない曲かもしれない。 そんなに悲しい曲じゃないんだけど、エンディングは全然暗くないので。

This might be the one song in the game that is the most out of place for its stage. It's not really that sad, but the ending isn't dark at all, so.

Staff Roll theme
青空超えて (Internal title)
Aozora koete
Mukashibanashi wandarāndo
Crossing the Blue Sky (Internal title)
Legendary Wonderland
FM Version

スタッフロールの曲。 やっぱ、スタッフロールはリズムのある元気な曲にしよう、と思ったのに・・・。 元気はあるけど、ちょっと暗めかな?

The staff roll song. I thought the staff roll song should be an upbeat song with strong rhythm, but ... It's energetic, but isn't it a little too dark?

MIDI Version

この曲だけ倍近くのパートを使ってます。だから音が深い。 完全に自分の得意なパターンです。 FM版と違って、さびだけを繰り返さないでまた頭に戻ります。

This is the only song that uses twice as many parts as usual. So, the sounds are very thick. This is the sort of pattern I'm absolutely best at. Unlike the FM version, it doesn't repeat the main part, but goes right back to the beginning.

th12_15pmd.txt from here


東方封魔録より【 昔話わんだーらんど 】オリジナル版です。





ではまた次の曲で逢いましょうか ZUN

Hakurei jinja keidai
Hakurei Shrine Grounds

1面に使用するつもりで作ったのですが・・・、 最初は霊異伝の曲が暗かったんで今度は明るくしようということでこんな感じになりました。 でも、結局ボツ(^^;;;;

I made this, intending for it to be the first stage theme, but... Since the early songs in HRtP were so dark, so I thought I'd make this one brighter, and it ended up like this. But, I threw it out (^^;;;;

Hi ochite

 2面に使用するつもりでした。 悪くは無いんですが・・・ 中途半端なかんじでボツ。

I was going to use this for stage 2. It's not bad, but ... It felt half-hearted, so I threw it out.

Fuuma shuuen
Demon-Sealing Finale

スタッフロールに使用する予定でしたが・・・ いまじゃ考えられないほど軽快なノリだな~(^^;;; わりと好きな系統だけど、ゲーム全体のバランスからみてボツ。

I had planned on using this for the staff roll, but... The rhythm is so light it's almost unthinkable now (^^;;; It has a rather fine pedigree, but it didn't balance well with the other songs in the game, so I threw it out.

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  1. The internal title is spelled "戦車娘のみるゆめ"'. ZUN substituted 娘 with hiragana in the in-game title. Both names mean the exact same thing.