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Strange Articles of the Outer World

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Touhou Garakuta Soushi (Magazine of Scraps) ~ Strange Articles of the Outer World (東方我楽多叢誌 ~ Strange Articles of the Outer World) is the official web portal for Touhou news and online media including interviews with ZUN, official manga, reviews, as well as serializations of unofficial fanworks. The website was launched in October 2, 2019, and is supervised by Daiichi Saito, who also started Touhou Station, the regular livestream for Touhou content. It is offered in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Korean, although the non-Japanese versions have fewer content.

The Japanese title literally means "a magazine of scraps", and is also a reference to Garakuta Bunkou (我楽多文庫), a Japanese literature anthropology and an early forerunner to modern doujinshi.




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