Strange Creators of Outer World/Foreword by ZUN

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Magazines are slowly disappearing in the real world.


Like shmups before them.

そんな、雑誌がまさに幻想入りしそうな昨今、 もうひとつのなくなりそうなものであるCDを付録にするという ある意味大変ロックな行為に及ぶわけでづが、 それは懐かしさからくるものではありません。

In these days where magazines might enter the realm of fantasy, to include with it a CD, another disappearing relic, might be rockish behaviour, but we didn't do it out of nostalgia.

CDは無くなるかもしれないけれど、 音楽自体は無くならないし、 同人の音楽はむしろCDが主流です。

It might be true that CDs are disappearing, but music itself is not. In the doujin music scene, CDs are the mainstream.


If that's the case, CDs may become a doujin thing.

じゃあCDは同人である東方のものになったと言ったら 言いすぎではあるけれど、完全に嘘ということでもない。

Then, to say that CDs are becoming a thing of Touhou, itself a doujin, might be an exaggeration, but it certainly is not a lie.

雑誌が完全に消滅するのはまだ先のことかもしれないけれど、 いずれは雑誌も幻想郷のものになるでしょう。

It may be that magazines still have some time before they disappear completely, but they will eventually become a thing of Gensokyo.


If so, it might be nice to have a magazine about Gensokyo.

さて、この本は幻想郷を幻視することができる人たち、 片足走を突っ込んでいる人たちが参加している雑誌です。

Now then, this is a magazine with contributions from people who can see Gensokyo in their hallucinations and those who have one foot inside it.

現実世界から帰れなくなりそうな人たちの集まりを見る、 自分も動き始めてしまったら、あなたも帰れなくなるかもしれない。

If you, looking at these people who might not be able to return to the real world, start to move yourself, you might not be able to return as well.


It's okay for readers to avoid going to that world.


It's okay to just look.

でも、結果的に片足を突っ込んでいる人たちが この「Strange Creators」です。ヤバいね。

But the people who ended up having one foot in Gensokyo are these "Strange Creators". That's bad.


This is a gathering of people who don't mind being seen that way.


People who just make things that can sell aren't creators.


It's nice if it sells in the end, but this magazine is filled with people whose goal isn't that.



2015.9.30 ZUN

2015-9-30 ZUN