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Strange Creators of Outer World/Introduction of Previous Works/Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/Overview

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the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Introduction of Previous Works 1

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.



What is this remote region wrapped in a rainbow-colored fantasy?

A fiercely beautiful danmaku battle begins in the land of Gensokyo, where youkai roam free
in the darkness of the night, separated from the real world illuminated in the light of science.
Being the first game of the Windows era (and the sixth game in the series), this is a monumental entry
that made Touhou Project a household name.

『東方紅魔郷~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.』(以下「紅魔郷」)は、Windows用にZUN氏が発表し最初のゲームだ。弾幕STG本来の面白さを追求した、究極の形状美?を謳い、当時の同人ソフト好きはもちろん、同人ソフトの開発者からも驚きをもって迎えられた。2002年の発売から既に14年が経過したが、最新作を手に取るか、このWin版第1弾を手に取るユーザーが多いため、いまだに「はじめてプレイした東方Project作品」として挙げられることが多い。
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is the first game that ZUN had released for the Windows series. Aiming to capture what made danmaku STGs so fun the first place, could this game be the ultimate form of beauty?

The game had surprised not only fans of doujin software at the time, but also the developers of said software. It's been 14 years since the game's first release in 2002, but even so, when new players aren't opting to play the latest game in the series, they'd choose to play the first entry in the Windows series. Therefore, this game is often sited as being the first Touhou game played by many people to this day.

The game's general appearance and contents were almost completely derived from the games in the older PC-98 series, but one new addition to the Windows series was the Spellcard system, which would make subsequent Touhou games stand out from other bullet hell shmups. To put it simply, they are the names given to the enemies' attacks, but it helped to simulate the player's imagination by placing more emphasis on the characters' personalities than ever.
制作当時はマニアックなシューティングファンがプレイするだろうことを想定していたため、Easyでは6面までプレイすることはできなかった。次作でこの点は大きく変わっていく。 At the time of development, it was assumed that this game would be played by devoted STG fans, so it was not possible to play to Stage 6 on Easy mode, but this point would end up being changed significantly in later entries.
博麗 霊夢
Reimu Hakurei
The Hakurei Shrine maiden.
She exterminates youkai with the help of mysterious abilities, such as being able to fly in the sky.


Shot: Homing Amulet
Bomb: Dream Seal


Shot: Persuasion Needle
Bomb: Evil Sealing Circle
霧雨 魔理沙
Marisa Kirisame
A human magician.
She's an old friend of Reimu's, and sometimes exterminates youkai in order to imitate her.


Shot: Magic Missile
Bomb: Stardust Reverie


Shot: Illusion Laser
Bomb: Master Spark


One summer night, Reimu had felt there was an incident occurring and went into the forest behind her shrine's compounds, driving back any opponents who meddle in her business, no questions asked. Here is where you can get used to Spellcards and grazing.



A youkai with the ability to manipulate darkness. Tends to make empty threats.

Hard以上の難易度では道中からスペルカードによる攻撃が始まる。 On Hard mode or higher, she will declare Spellcards during her midboss section.


Reimu had arrived at a lake. While searching for an island, she had gotten into a quarrel with a thoughtless fairy. In this game, the number of remaining lives will go up in accordance to your score, so by this point, you should have acquired at least one extra life.



A moronic fairy with the ability to manipulate cold air.

中ボスの大妖精は、本ステージと『妖精大戦争』に登場している。 Daiyousei appears as the midboss both here and in Great Fairy Wars.


At the entrance to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, a Western-styled building she finally came across in the red fog, there was a gatekeeper dressed in a Chinese-styled outfit.

A relatively short stage; You're likely to have achieved your second Extend here.



Meiling Hong
A youkai with the ability to manipulate Qi. She utilizes taijutsu rather than danmaku.
弾幕が描く模様が、よりハッキリ見えるようになってくる。 Upon realizing this, the patterns she makes in her danmaku will become clearer.


Attacks during the stages start getting more intense, so it's best not to hesitate and use some bombs from time to time.

The stage's boss uses lots of exemplary danmaku patterns, so she makes for a great sparring partner.



Patchouli Knowledge
The library's owner, she has the ability to use magic. She's no longer human.
キャラや装備ごとに異なる弾幕で迎えてくれる律儀なパチュリー。 Patchouli is a polite character who welcomes each character with danmaku that changes depending on your current equipment.


After passing through the musty library, the surrounding space starts to expand in an inexplicable manner. A maid lies in wait as fairies' attacks start to become more intense....

It can be said that passing through this stage with a certain amount of lives on hand is the key to clearing the next and final stage (though this may be difficult to do in stage 4). Try not to move too much in dodging enemy bullets in this stage, especially in the first half, before Sakuya appears as the midboss. If you keep your movement to a minimum, you'll be able to read the trajectory of the large number of bullets being aimed at your player, but move too much, and the screen will be filled with bullets.

十六夜 咲夜


Sakuya Izayoi
The chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, with the ability to manipulate time.
自機狙いの弾は、大人しく待てば避けやすい形になってくれる。 The bullets she aims at your player character will be in a form that's easier to dodge if you wait quietly.
咲夜の弾幕も同様に、あまり動き過ぎないことが良い結果を生む。 Similarly, Sakuya's own danmaku will produce good results for those that don't move too much.
難易度Easyだと5面をクリアしても6面には進めない。腕を磨こう。 If you play on Easy mode, you won't be able to advance to stage 6, even if you clear stage 5. Go and polish your skills!


After defeating the chief maid (who turned out to be human when she was assumed to be a youkai at first), she finally faced the vampire Remilia, the "Mistress" who had caused this incident. Will peace finally return to Gensokyo if you were to punish her....?
In Touhou Project works, the final stage is extremely short, and the boss battle makes up almost the entirety of this stage in most cases. However, the attacks are still fierce here, so a shortcut to clearing the stage would be to shooting bombs without hesitation. There will be many tough scenes, but the bombs you've accumulated on the stages and bosses up to this point will surely lead to you clearing the game.


Remilia Scarlet
The mansion's head, who has the ability to manipulate fate. Possesses outstanding physical abilities.
1つでもボムを使わせないと、と珍しくメタな発言をする咲夜。 In a rare meta moment, Sakuya remarks that she'd make sure you use up at least one bomb.
ぼーっと正面に待機してると瞬殺される場合もあるので注意だ。 You must be careful, as you may end up being instantly defeated if you simply stand by.
ここまできたら気合で避ける場合もあるが、まずは冷静にボムを。 Should you make it to this point, you may be able to avoid the bullets out of pure fighting spirit, but first, keep calm and use a bomb.


A summer day, where the Scarlet Mist incident had been resolved. The booming of thunder indicated that it'd be raining that evening, but it seems that it was only raining around the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The shrine maiden and the magician head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion in place of Remilia, who had just come to the Hakurei Shrine and was now unable to return home.

The Extra Stage can be unlocked by clearing the other six stages. The number and speed of bullets becomes more intense than ever, but if you learn the appearances and patterns of the attacks, along with the appropriate responses, players who reach this point may be able to clear the stage.


ありとあらゆるものを破壊する程度の能力を持つ。危険。 魔法で雨を降らせていたパチュリー。今回は喘息の調子もいいとか。

Flandre Scarlet
A dangerous person with the ability to destroy absolutely anything.

Patchouli had caused the rain by using magic. Her asthma's condition was favorable this time around.

フランドールはレミリアの妹。ただしずっと幽閉されっぱなしだが。 Flandre is Remilia's younger sister, though she had been locked up for a long time.