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Subterranean Animism.

Introduction of Previous Works ①

Subterranean Animism

A geyser near the Hakurei Shrine had suddenly erupted.
It was able to melt the snow and bring about a delightful hot spring...
At least, that's what the humans thought.
However, coming out of the geyser was

not, in fact, warm water,
but loads of vengeful spirits that shouldn't be able to venture to the surface....

弾幕は地獄であるほど 美しい! The danmaku is so beautiful, it's hellish!
『東方地霊殿〜Subterranean Animism.』は、2008年5月の博麗神社例大祭で体験版が頒布され、同年夏のコミックマーケット74で完成版の頒布となった。同例大祭では「東方緋想天」完成版も頒布されており、「地霊殿」は作中の時系列的にも「緋想天」後の物語となっている。 The demo version of Subterranean Animism was distributed at Reitaisai in May 2008, and at Comiket 74 of the same year. The 2008 Reitaisai also saw the full release of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody; In fact, the story of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody takes place chronologically after the events of Subterranean Animism.
サブタイトル(直訳で「地下の精霊信仰」の意)からも見て取れるように、前年の「風神録」と同じく信仰が作品のテーマとして扱われており、風神録の直接的な続編という立ち位置となっているほか、「緋想天」の派生作品「非想天則」とも結びつきが強い。07年〜09年に出た作品の密接さは、シリーズでも群を抜いているのだ。 As you can tell by the subtitle of "Subterranean Animism", faith is one of the main themes of this work, similar to the previous game, Mountain of Faith, of which SA is a direct sequel to. It's also strongly related to Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, along with the spinoff of that known as Touhou Hisoutensoku.
内容的には「妖々夢」以来となる幻想郷以外の「異界」への旅立ちとなっているほか、異変の原因に前作「風神録」のキャラクターが直接的に関与しているなど、作品世界を広げながらも、新たなキャラクターに引き続き焦点を当て、定着させようという意図が見える。これらは前作「風神録」開発の際に打ち立てられた「東方Projectを続けていく」ための施策であることは、作品を横断して眺めるとはっきり見えてくる部分だろう。というのも、この傾向は次回作「星蓮船」にもはっきりと引き継がれているのだから。 In terms of this game's content, Subterranean Animism marks the first game since Perfect Cherry Blossom where the protagonists travel to a world besides Gensokyo, and the characters introduced in Mountain of Faith are directly involved in the cause of the incident this time around. When you look at this game, you can very clearly see that there were measures to expand upon the Touhou Project canon that was established after the development of Mountain of Faith.
博麗 霊夢
Reimu Hakurei
The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. She was excited upon hearing that there was a hot spring near her residence, but that story ended up being too good to be true.




Reimu's youkai partners:Aya Shameimaru/Suika Ibuki/Yukari Yakumo

Aya gives you options whose attack direction can be adjusted according to your movement

Suika gives you extra bullets that are somewhat homed

Yukari gives you the ability to warp from one edge of the screen to another

霧雨 魔理沙
Marisa Kirisame
A magician who doesn't like cold weather. She does, however, like dark and narrow places, so perhaps the underground was a better choice for her.




Marisa's youkai partners:Nitori/Patchouli/Alice

Nitori gives you spread bullets that attack anything within its impact range

Patchouli gives you 5 different attack types that you can switch through

Alice gives you the ability to shoot plenty of bombs as long as you still have her options



When the vengeful spirits had sprung up from the geyser alongside earth spirits, the panicked youkai had hurriedly stirred up some humans that could travel into the earth's depths, as the youkai themselves were unable to interfere...
黒谷 ヤマメ


Yamame Kurodani
A tsuchigumo capable of manipulating diseases. A belligerent but cheery character.
今作は地上を追われた嫌われ者たちとの対決が続く。弾幕も暗く激しい。 Throughout the game, the player will encounter plenty of hated beings who were driven away from the surface. The danmaku here is also dark and intense.


She proceeded deeper into the cave, kicking around fairies and youkai whose dispositions were different from those above ground, when she was given a warning by Parsee Mizuhashi, who guards the shaft that connects the world above and below ground.
水橋 パルスィ


Parsee Mizuhashi
A youkai with the ability to manipulate feelings of envy, while having a deeply envious personality herself.
シリーズ全体を通しても屈指の難易度を誇る本作。2面でも気は抜けない。 This game boasts some of the most difficult levels in the series. You can't even relax during stage 2!


Deep in the depths of the earth lies the Former Capital, which used to be a part of Hell. The youkai here live freely, having made a nonaggressive alliance with those on the surface by sealing away the vengeful spirits underground.
星熊 勇儀


Yuugi Hoshiguma
One of the oni who used to be a part of the Big Four of the Mountain. Has the kind of bright personality that's hard to find in the underground.
今回は特に自機の動きを制限するようなタイプのスペルカードが多め。 She has a lot of spellcards that limit the movements of the player character.


Reimu, for the time being, pays a visit to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, located at the heart of the Former Capital. This mansion was built on top of the Hell of Blazing Fires, and the youkai there live a quiet life alongside animals while managing the vengeful spirits.
古明地 さとり
Satori Komeiji
A mind-reading satori youkai who manages Former Hell from within the Palace of the Earth Spirits.
彼女自身の弾幕以外に過去作に登場したヤバい弾幕を再現してくるぞ。 In addition to her own danmaku attacks, she will re-introduce the dangerous danmaku patterns that have appeared in previous works.


Satori didn't know anything about the geyser itself, but it seems that she knows something about her pets...based on that information, the heroine enters a hole located in the courtyard of the Palace of the Earth Spirits, which seems to lead even deeper underground. The heat of the Palace of the Earth Spirits had parched Reimu's throat, but it seems that the deeper she went into the hole, the more the landscape resembled that of the Hell of Blazing Fires. While crossing the sea of fire, dealing with a Nekomata on occasion, a Kasha called Orin, who was originally the Nekomata encountered previously, stands in her way for some reason. She seems to have some info pertaining another pet residing in the depths.


Rin Kaenbyou
One of Satori's pets. She's in charge of the vengeful spirits since she was able to communicate with corpses and spirits.
このステージから、舞台は地獄らしさを増してくる。灼熱地獄の上は暑そうというか熱そう。 The stages from this point start to look more hellish. It starts to appear hotter, or "blazing", rather, going into the Hell of Blazing Fires.
お燐は Stage4 の中ボスでも登場していた。主人公が頼れるか見極めようとしているのだ。 Orin, who had made a previous appearance in Stage 4, was trying to see if she was able to rely on the heroine.
お燐本人はもともと火の中に住む妖怪なので、灼熱地獄もへっちゃら。 Orin herself was originally a youkai who lived inside of fire, so the Hell of Blazing Fires was not a problem for her.


After dealing with Orin and moving on, the heroine encounters Okku, an unusual Hell Raven managing the Hell of Blazing Fires. Her job is to manage the thermal power of the flames burning in the Remains of Hell, and she herself had nothing to do with the vengeful spirits emerging from the geyser. Furthermore, Okku had claimed that when she had awoken to the "ultimate power", the flames of Hell had grown stronger while the geysers became unstoppable.
These are the two things that were discovered here.
1: It was necessary to defeat Okku in order to bring an end to the incident.
2: The vengeful spirits were an SOS from Orin, who was in charge of managing said spirits.


Utsuho Reiuji
Another one of Satori's pets, who was once an ordinary Hell Raven...
お空の繰り出すスペルカードはどれも強烈なものばかり。究極の力と言うだけはある。 All of Okku's spellcards boast great power. That's her ultimate power at work.
弾幕が強烈すぎて、自機もお空もどこにいるか見失わないように注意が必要だ。 Be careful not to let that strength make you lose sight of yourself and Okku.
最後のスペルカードでは自機がお空に向かって引っ張られていく。見た目以上に難しいぞ。 In the last spellcard, your player character gets pulled towards her. It's more difficult to dodge than it looks.


Kanako Yasaka, a god who had recently arrived in Gensokyo, sought out the existence of Former Hell and tempted Okku to utilize the power sleeping there. Kanako gave Okku the power of the Yatagarasu, which caused the Hell of Blazing Fires to regain its heat...that was the truth behind the incident.
Reimu went to visit the Moriya Shrine to file a complaint, when a satori known as "Koishi" had appeared in front of her. She had refused to accept her existence as a satori, a creature hated for its ability to read minds, and closed her third eye. In place of that, she had acquired the ability to act unconsciously...
古明地 こいし
Koishi Komeiji
A satori who's incapable of reading the minds of others. This ability had been replaced by the ability to act unconsciously.
今回の騒動の犯人一味であるところの早苗。だいぶ幻想郷に慣れてきたのか楽しそうだ。 Sanae was the culprit of this particular uproar; It seems that she was getting used to Gensokyo.
守矢一家にお灸をすえるつもりのはずが、なぜかさとりの妹との弾幕バトルが始まる。 The heroine was supposed to have given a scolding to the Moriya household, but she somehow ended up having a danmaku battle with Satori's younger sister.
こいしの弾幕はクセのあるものばかり。ハートマークを飛ばすという点でもレア中のレアだ。 Koishi's danmaku patterns are all rather peculiar. She also sends out a bunch of rarely-seen heart-shaped bullets.