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Undefined Fantastic Object.

Introduction of Previous Works ②

Undefined Fantastic Object

The vengeful spirit uproar from last winter had been settled and spring was coming to an end,
but suddenly, UFOs and an unfamiliar ship had
appeared within the skies of Gensokyo!

Rumor has it that it was a treasure ship loaded with rare artifacts; This time around,
Sanae also joins along in the Youkai Extermination...

行こう! 時空を超えた空の旅へ Now, let's embark on an air trip that transcends space-time
『東方星蓮船〜 Undefined Fantastic Object.』は、2009年5月の博麗神社例大祭で体験版が頒布され、同年夏のコミックマーケット76で完成版の頒布となった。同イベントでは黄昏フロンティアとの共同開発作「東方非想天則」も頒布されている。 The demo version of Undefined Fantastic Object was distributed at Reitaisai in May 2009, and at Comiket 76 of the same year. At the same time, a collaborative project with Twilight Frontier, known as Touhou Hisoutensoku, was being distributed at said event.
本作では「風神録」5面ボスの東風谷早苗が自機として登場している。実は、同時に頒布された「非想天則」が「緋想天」アペンドディスク的立ち位置だが、物語的には「地霊殿」の後日譚となっていて、早苗の成長と心境の変化が語られているのだ。あわせてプレイすることで、「風神録」意向の東方Projectを鮮明に感じ取ることができるだろう。もちろん早苗は以降の作品でも度々主人公機を務めている。 In this game, Sanae Kochiya, the stage 5 boss of "Mountain of Faith", appears as a playable character. Truth be told, Touhou Hisoutensoku was in a sort of "append-disc"-like position for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, but narratively, the story of Undefined Fantastic Object takes place after the events of Subterranean Animism, and it details Sanae's growth and change of heart. By playing the two games together, you will be able to clearly perceive the inclinations of Touhou Project and Mountain of Faith. Of course, Sanae shows up as a leading role quite often in subsequent works.
内容としては、2面以外の各ステージのボス同士に明確な物語上の繋がりがある点が珍しく、本作の雰囲気を他とは違ったものにしている。 As for the game's content, it's a rarely-seen example of all the bosses having a clear narrative connection to one another (save for the stage 2 boss), making the atmosphere of this game different from the others.
今作を特徴付けるシステムのキーとして登場するUFOは、シューティングゲームの金字塔『スペースインベーダー』へのオマージュである。折しも08年に「インベーダー」は30周年を迎え、活発に商品展開がされているところだった。ZUN氏は既にタイトーを退社してはいるものの、偉大な先達に敬意を表したのかもしれない。 The UFOs that appear as a core element to the gameplay here are an homage to the shooting game known as "Space Invaders". In 2008, Space Invaders was celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Taito Corporation was in the process of developing merchandise for the occasion. Though ZUN had long since left Taito by then, this was probably his way of paying tribute to those great pioneers.
Reimu Hakurei
The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. She has no eye for valuables, so she has no connections here.


Type A - Single-Point Concentrated Attack Stress Type

Type B - Anti-pattern Stress Super-Homing Type

Marisa Kirisame
An ordinary magician. Her way of thinking is "What's mine is mine, what's yours is also mine"


Type A - Infinite Pierce & Ordinary Attack Type

Type B - Ultra-Attack Scope Stress Type

Sanae Kochiya
The shrine maiden of a mountain shrine. Makes her debut happily exterminating youkai.


Type A - Single-Point Concentrated & Homing Type

Type B - High-Power & Wide-Scope Explosion Type



While chasing after the strange treasure ship(?), a mysterious UFO had appeared for an unknown reason, and a mouse youkai known as Nazrin had stood in the way. She appeared to be searching for something...


A mouse youkai with the ability to find sought-out objects. Commands an innumerable amount of field mice.
1面ボスにしては迫力ある弾幕を展開してくるナズーリン。侮り厳禁だ。 Though she's a stage 1 boss, she displays some rather powerful danmaku attacks, so it's strictly forbidden to make light of her.


As the heroine followed the ship into the clouds, she had gotten into a quarrel with a karakasa-obake who passed by, whose purpose in life was to surprise humans. However, no-one seemed surprised by her these days, so she had gotten lonely.
多々良 小傘


Kogasa Tatara
A karakasa-obake who lives to surprise humans. Her opponent this time was not a good choice for that.
本作で唯一の通りすがり系妖怪。本当にお話には一切関係していない。 This is the only passerby youkai in the entire game; she has truly nothing to do with the story.


She thought she had finally caught up with the treasure ship, but there was no treasure to be found. On the other hand, the ship was filled with youkai. The ship's watchmen, Ichirin and Unzan, had blocked her way.
雲居 一輪&雲山


Ichirin Kumoi and Unzan
A duo comprised of a Nyuudou and a Nyuudou Handler. The two of them are responsible for guarding the ship.
とにかく入道の雲山がド迫力。大きな拳や目からビームを繰り出してくる。 In any case, Unzan the Nyuudou is very powerful, attacking with his large fists and shooting beams from his eyes.


Though she made her way inside of the rumored treasure ship, but it became clear to her that it had no purpose since the interior was empty. Just as she was about to leave, Captain Murasa, a ship phantom, had arrived on the scene and told Reimu to hand over her "floating treasures".
村紗 水蜜


Minamitsu Murasa
Commonly referred to as "Captain Murasa", she's the ship phantom who operates the Palanquin Ship. She's been working to rescue Hijiri.
道中も激しいが、ムラサの攻撃も激しい4面。ここからが本番である。 Stage 4 has fierce attacks, but Murasa's attacks are just as fierce. This is where the real game begins.


The treasure ship....Or rather, the Palanquin Ship's destination was Makai. All of the youkai that were encountered, besides Kogasa, had merely been working to rescue their benefactor, who had been sealed in Makai.
Nazrin returns in this stage, having found the Jeweled Pagoda. The heroine arrives with the Fragments of the Flying Storehouse (known as "Floating Treasures" by the youkai), which had taken on the form of UFO-shaped toys. Now all of the elements needed to resurrect Hijiri are in place. The heroine, curious about what was being sealed in Makai (probably because she was disappointed by there being no treasure like she expected), had decided to break the seal herself...


Shou Toramaru
A youkai who acts as Bishamonten's proxy at the temple. She had put her utmost effort into Hijiri's resurrection.
ステージはここから魔界に突入する。妖精も禍々しくなり、通常弾も激しいぞ。 The stages from here take place within Makai. The fairies here are sinister, and regular bullets have become intense.
4ステージぶりに登場したナズーリン。どうやら探し物の宝塔を発見して戻ってきたようだ。 Nazrin appears for the first time in four stages, having apparently returned with the Jeweled Pagoda she was looking for.
もともとは寅丸星が持っていた宝塔だが、無くしたことは直接の部下にしか言えなかった。 The Jeweled Pagoda was originally in the possession of Shou Toramaru, but she ended up losing it, and she could only confess that fact to her firsthand subordinate.


It was a monk, Byakuren, who had woken up from the seal. She was a practitioner of magic who was on a separate level from humans, but at first, she was loved by humans and youkai. In the beginning, it was out of selfishness, but overtime, she came to care for the youkai from the bottom of her heart, but this had caused the humans to deem her a wicked traitor and seal her away. The youkai she met along the way had missed her, and they worked hard to liberate her. Byakuren's ideals, and Gensokyo's ideology of "youkai must be exterminated" could not possibly coexist, so it was inevitable that she'd end up being confronted.


Buakuren Hijiri
A magician sealed away in Makai, whose magic mainly deals with strengthening her physical abilities.
妖精が列をなして次々に上からやってくるシーンは、まさしくUFOゲー金字塔のアレ。 The scene where fairies come from above and line up is exactly like that monumental UFO game.
元人間と戦うのは珍しくないがはっきり妖怪の味方を宣言する相手はなかなか居ないかも。 It's not uncommon to have to fight against ex-humans in these games, but it's rare to find a character who makes it clear that they're on the side of youkai.
インベーダー以外に、セルフオマージュがあるのも濃いファンには嬉しいポイントの一つ。 Besides the Space Invaders homage, paying tribute to your own works is one of the happiness points for more passionate fans.


She had punished the resurrected Byakuren, but there was still the mystery regarding why the Flying Storehouse fragments she chased after were shaped like UFOs. With that strange thought in mind, Marisa had pried open one of the UFOs she coincidentally obtained, and from it emerged a mysterious creature resembling a mix between a bird and a snake. However, once the snake had ran off somewhere, the UFO had turned into a piece of other words, it had reverted to its original appearance as part of the Flying Storehouse. When Reimu and co. had learned that the Flying Storehouse had been tampered with, they forced the UFO open and decided to follow the snake. What had awaited them was "that youkai", who was said to have been "unidentifiable" since ancient time.
封獣 ぬえ


Nue Houjuu
An unidentifiable youkai. She had planted the Seed of Unknown Form into the Flying Storehouse to serve as a hindrance to Murasa.
こりずに驚かせにきた小傘。妖怪だからやっぱり夜のほうが力が出るのだろうか? Learning by experience, Kogasa had once again come to surprise the heroine. Is it because she's a youkai that she's more energetic at night?
UFOの件では真犯人のぬえ。スペルカードでも次々とUFOを繰り出してくるぞ。 Concerning the UFOs, Nue is the real culprit behind those. She sends out UFOs one after another even in her spellcards.
ここでインベーダーだけでなくパロディ魂が爆発しているのはわりといつもの展開。 A relatively customary plotline with not only the Invader, but also the soul of parody itself pouring out from it.