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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Alice Margatroid

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Alice Whos Who.png
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Alice Margatroid
Place of Activity
Forest of Magic
Special Abilities
Ability to Manipulate Dolls
Making Dolls
Gathering Magic Items
七色の人形使い The Seven-Colored Doll User
アリスは魔法使いである。「妖々夢」の3面で登場し、春の流れを調べていたところ主人公と出会ったので、とりあえず倒された。彼女は元人間の魔法使いで、修行の果てに人間をやめたものの、妖怪になってから日が浅いので人間時の習慣――食事や睡眠などをまだ続けているようだ。魔理沙同様、普段は魔法の森の何処かに住んでおり、研究に励んでいる。 Alice is a magician. When she made her appearance in "Perfect Cherry Blossom" stage 3, she ran into the protagonists who were investigating the flow of spring. Anyway, she was defeated. She is a former human who only recently became a youkai through her studies, so she still retains habits from her time as a human— like eating and sleeping. Like Marisa, she lives somewhere in the Forest of Magic, where she diligently keeps up her research.
彼女は魔法で人形を操るのが得意で、多数の人形を同時に操ることができる。本稿見出しのように、「妖々夢」登場時には「七色の人形使い」という二つ名を引っ提げ、霊夢や魔理沙との会話においても紅白や白黒である二人よりも七色を操る自分の方が上、という主張を繰り広げている。確かにスペルカードでは毎回異なる人形を駆使した攻撃をしているようである。 Her specialty is using magic to manipulate dolls, and can control a large number of them at the same time. As seen in the heading of this section, she was given the title of "Seven-Colored Doll User" in "Perfect Cherry Blossom", and when speaking with Reimu or Marisa ends up making the claim that her power over seven colors is better than their two colors, Red-White or Black-White. She certainly appears to use different dolls for each of spellcards anyway.
ちなみに人形はすべて彼女のお手製で、家には所狭しと大量の人形が置かれている。家事の一切を人形にやらせているが、その人形を動かしているのがアリス本人なので、疲れることには変わりない。 Incidentally, all her dolls are handmade, and her house is filled with them. All of her housework is done by the dolls, but since she has to move them herself this isn't any less work for her.
二人の因縁 The Bond Between the Two
「妖々夢」で霊夢・魔理沙とは既知の間柄であったことをうかがわせるアリスだが、今回ZUN氏のコメントによって会話の意図自体は判明した。妖怪の中では登場頻度が高いので、今後は内容自体の情報が語られる時が来るかもしれない。 In "Perfect Cherry Blossom", Alice speaks as if she already knows Reimu and Marisa, but the intent behind this conversation is clarified by ZUN in his comment here. She makes a large number of appearances for a youkai, so perhaps we'll discuss her more later when we talk about the contents of those works.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
体験版が3面までなわけですが、そこまでではこれ以降のステージとラスボスを予想させたくなかったんです。それで、わざと過去のキャラクターを出して、そっちと繋がりがあるんじゃないかと思わせようとしたんです(笑)。この「体験版は3面まで」というのはゲームにもキャラクターにも大きく影響していて、それで設定や見せ方が変わってくるわけです。 The demo went up to stage 3, so I didn't want to give anything away about the later stages or final boss in those stages. So I intentionally brought back a character from the past just to make player think it might have something to do with that (lol). The fact that the demos go up to stage 3 has had a huge influence on the games and the characters, and has changed the setting as well as how I present it.