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Magazine Content

Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Aya Shameimaru
Places of Activity:
All of Gensokyo
Main Abilities:
Capable of manipulating wind
Newspaper production
幻想ブン屋の鴉天狗 The Crow Tengu Reporter of Fantasy
射命丸文は、天狗の中でもすばやさに長けた鴉天狗と呼ばれる妖怪である。ゲームでの登場は「花映塚」からだが、それにさきがけ書籍版「文花帖」で初登場している。 Aya Shameimaru is a crow tengu-- a type of youkai that's particularly fast, even compared to other tengu. Her first in-game appearance was in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View", but she made her debut in the earlier print work "Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red".
一般に天狗は山に棲む妖怪で、山の神として扱われることもある。幻想郷では古くから妖怪の山で生活し、独自かつ高度な社会を築いている。妖術レベルや身体能力は妖怪中トップクラスで、特に空を飛ぶ速さは驚異的だ。文たち鴉天狗は天狗の社会において、すばしっこさを生かした報道要員としての設備を担っており、彼女もまた新聞記者として活動している。 Tengu generally live on mountains, and are sometimes treated as mountain gods. In Gensokyo, they've lived on the Youkai Mountain since long ago, and have built a sophisticated independent society. Their skill in youkai arts and physical abilities are top-class among all youkai, and in particular, they can fly at astonishing speeds. Within tengu society, crow tengu such as Aya use their speed to serve as media correspondents, and Aya herself works as a newspaper reporter.
『文々。新聞』 "Bunbunmaru Newspaper"
制作をすべて一人でこなす新聞を発行している。紙名は『文々。新聞』といい、ネタ探しに幻想郷を駆け回るのが彼女の日課だ。だが一人で作るため内容が偏ってしまう上、刊行は不定期でペースも遅い。そのため部数は伸び悩んでおり、天狗間で毎年恒例の部数を競う新聞大会では負けつづきである。 Aya's publication is called the "Bunbunmaru Newspaper", and she handles every aspect of its production by herself. Soaring around Gensokyo in search of good material is her daily routine. But because she's the sole producer of the paper, its articles tend to be biased, and new editions are released at a slow and irregular pace. As a result, it struggles to sell copies, and Aya has yet to win the annual newspaper competition held by the tengu.
また、真実しか記事にしないというのが記者としての彼女のポリシーだが、情報の集め方に問題があるのか、記事には嘘が含まれていることも多い。 Also, Aya's policy as a reporter is to only write factual articles, but (perhaps due to some problem with her methods of gathering information?) they often contain flat-out lies.
作品中での活躍 Exploits Throughout the Series
ゲームでは「花映塚」以降、多くの作品に登場しており、ゲーム版「文花帖」、その続編にあたる「ダブルスポイラー」では主人公も務める。さらに後者では、同じ鴉天狗で新聞記者の姫海棠はたてといった、ライバル的キャラクターも現れている。 Aya has appeared in many games from "Phantasmagoria of Flower View" onward, and serves as the protagonist of "Shoot the Bullet" and its sequel "Double Spoiler". The latter game also features fellow crow tengu and newspaper reporter Hatate Himekaidou, who serves as a sort of rival for Aya.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
昔は「写メール」っていう携帯電話の機能があって、それをもじって「射命丸」にしました。「文々。新聞」は、字面は「モーニング娘。」みたいに記号で遊ぶのが流行ってたから。読み方はゲームライターの「ブンブン丸」さんから。いろいろなものをパロディとして詰め込んでますね。新聞記者って他のキャラをまとめられる、どこに接点があっても不思議じゃないキャラが生まれて、ようやく作品を超えて「東方」が拡がった。そういう意味では特別なキャラ。 Cell phones back in the day had a "photo mail" function-- "sha-meeru"-- and I named her "Shameimaru" as a play on that. The "maru" in "Bunbunmaru Newspaper" comes from a trend of playing with punctuation around that time, like with "Morning Musume", and the title's pronunciation comes from the video game journalist "Bunbun Maru". She's got various parodies like that stuffed into her. Since she's a journalist, she made for a character who can easily bring the others together, and have points of connection with just about anyone without it feeling strange. That helped Touhou finally expand out beyond each individual work, so in that sense she's a pretty special character.

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