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Magazine Content[edit]

(だい) (よう) (せい)
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
特に名称は持たないが、一般的な妖精と区別するため便宜的に大妖精と記す。初登場は「紅魔郷」2面、霧の湖を通りかかる途中で出会うことになる。妖精は全般的に陽気なので、主人公に攻撃を仕掛けてきたのも、単なるいたずらかもしれない。「妖精大戦争」でも霧の湖のステージで登場するので、そのあたりに住んでいる可能性がある。 Although she has no actual name, she is referred to as "Daiyousei" to distinguish her from typical fairies. Her first appearance was in the 2nd stage of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", and she was encountered while travelling over Misty Lake. Fairies are generally cheerful, so she may have been attacking the heroines simply out of mischief. She appeared at Misty Lake again in Fairy Wars, so she may just simply live there.
() (あく) ()
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
特定の名称は無いが、その容姿から便宜的に小悪魔と記す。「紅魔郷」4面の中ボスとして登場し、攻撃を仕掛けてくる。紅魔館側から見れば主人公が一方的な侵入者なので、急にやってきた不審者は攻撃されても仕方ない気がする。図書館に居たからといって、パチュリーが召喚したかどうかなど、詳細は定かではない。 She has no actual name, but she's called "Koakuma" for the sake of convenience. She first appeared as a midboss launching attacks in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. From the perspective of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the heroine is but an arbitrary intruder, so Koakuma felt she had no choice but to attack the suspicious intruder. She was spotted in the library, but it's unclear whether or not Patchouli was the one that summoned her.
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
妖精の中でも固有名を持つ珍しい個体。かすかな春をいち早く感じ取り、幻想郷中に春を告げるために飛びまわる。初登場は「妖々夢」4面の道中で、幻想郷と冥界のあいだの雲の間から現れた。以降、春っぽいステージでは時折あらわれており、「天空璋」の異変の際も桜が舞い散る博麗神社付近で登場している。春を告げたらどこかへ行ってしまうので、その実態はあまり知られていない。 A peculiar individual with a unique name among the fairies. She can quickly perceive even the faintest hint of Spring, and she flies around Gensokyo to announce the coming of Spring. She first appeared in the 4th stage of Perfect Cherry Blossom in the clouds in between Gensokyo and the Netherworld. Since then, she's made the occasional appearance in spring-like stages, even during the events of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, where she was found scattering cherry blossoms near the Hakurei Shrine. When she's informed of Spring's presence, she'll promptly leave, so not much is actually known about her.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
大妖精は「強いて言えば妖精の中では大きいから大妖精」、小悪魔は「大妖精と同じ大きさだけど悪魔から見たら(強さ的に)小さいので小悪魔」と。「紅魔郷」開発時、中ボスは雑魚の延長線上の存在なので名前は必要ないと考えてたけど、みんなから聞かれたので「妖々夢」開発時には最初からリリーと付けておくことになりました。 Daiyousei is called "Daiyousei" because "a great fairy among the other fairies", while Koakuma is called "Koakuma" because's she's "roughly the same size as Daiyousei, but she's rather small (in terms of strength) when compared to other devils". When I first developed "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", I felt that midbosses were basically small fries by definition and thus didn't need names, but after listening to everyone, when I developed "Perfect Cherry Blossom", I went with calling her "Lilywhite" from the very beginning.

Book Content[edit]

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  1. The minor spelling here is reflected from the original part, which omits irregularly the dot separating the personal and family name.