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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Fujiwara no Mokou




Place of Activity
Bamboo Forest of the Lost


Special Abilities
Ability to Not Die




Kaguya's Mortal Enemy?


Mokou is the Extra stage boss of "Imperishable Night". On the night of the full moon after the "Eternal Night Incident", she saw the protagonists, who Kaguya had gotten to come by asking if they wanted to take a test of courage. Misinterpreting them to be "assassins sent by Kaguya to kill me", a fight ensued. Half persecution complex and half truth, it was surprisingly on the mark. However, one gets the impression that Mokou's life itself was only possible due to Kaguya's actions in the first place.


Another "Immortal"


While Kaguya was exiled to Earth, stories of her beauty spread and many nobles came to propose marriage. However, she refused them all by giving them impossible requests. Mokou was the only daughter of one of those nobles shamed by Kaguya's rejection. Since then, Mokou became hostile towards Kaguya and harassed her at every opportunity.


Then, one day, she heard a rumor that Kaguya had been allowed back to the moon (*In truth, she betrayed the lunar envoys and fled: see Kaguya's article). Wanting to at least steal the pot Kaguya left behind, after a series of events she obtained possession of the pot. Contained within was the Hourai Elixir itself...


In this manner, she became immortal just like Kaguya. This caused her grudge to become even more violent, as thanks to neither of them dying they could continuously attempt to kill (?) each other. Although perhaps she's calmed down a bit ever since Kaguya stopped hiding. Currently, Mokou guides humans who've gotten lost in the bamboo forest to the exit, seemingly in an effort to maintain some small connection to the humans of Gensokyo. There are even people from the outside world who've gotten lost in the forest.

Comment from ZUN

Comment from ZUN


Storywise, this is the underside of the main plot, so I wanted to have someone who'd be Kaguya's counterpart, an "Uncouth Eternity". As a "princess", Kaguya has a flashy, showy image, right? So I wanted to expand on the exact opposite of that. I wanted even her name to give the impression of former glory, so I picked one from the Four Great Houses (Minamoto, Taira, Fujiwara, Tachibana). Mr. Fujiwara's done an amazing job of leaving behind his family name. Whether they're actually his dependents is a different matter.

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