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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Hecatia Lapislazuli and Clownpiece

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Hecatia Lapislazuli

ヘカーティアは、東方の中でも独特のデザインです。元ネタのヘカテーは、三つの顔に三つの身体がくっついた三面三体の女神であることが多いので、彼女もそうしています。ただ、同時に気持ち悪いので、交換システムにしました。頭に乗っている大きな珠を替えると、全身別の身体に入れ替わります。三つの身体それぞれ、性格や能力も変わっているんでしょうけどよくわからない奴です。 Hecatia is one of the more unique designs in Touhou. The original source, Hekate, is said to be a three-dimensional goddess with three faces on three bodies, so Hecatia is like that too. However, it was pretty unpleasant at the same time, so I settled on a switching system. If she switched out the big globe on her head, the current body will be replaced with a different body. Each of the three bodies may have different personalities and abilities, but I can't say for sure.
部下のクラウンピースは、地獄では数少ない妖精です。星条旗とピエロをモチーフに、割とストレートにデザインしました。星条旗は(裏の存在である)月の都が中国的な感じに対し、表の月はアメリカ風なのかなという感じです。月には星条旗が刺さっていますしね。何故ピエロなのかは、狂気をストレートに表現したらピエロになりました。 Her subordinate, Clownpiece, is one of the few fairies that reside in Hell. Her design is relatively straightforward, incorporating the motifs of a clown and the star-spangled banner. I feel that the front side of the moon is more American, what with the stars and stripes, while the Lunar Capital (the rear part of the moon) is pretty Chinese. And the stars and stripes are stuck on the moon, yeah?
Why a clown? If you want to express insanity directly, a clown is the best choice.
神様であるけれどもどこかフランクな感じも出そうとしました。 Although Hecatia is a God, I also wanted to go for a candid feeling here.
地獄関連のお二人なので背景を地獄にしようか迷いましたが、「紺珠伝」の舞台のイメージから宇宙になりました。割としっくりきたのではと思っています。 I was wondering whether to make Hell the background since the two people involved come from Hell, but it ended up being space thanks to the LoLK image. I think I made the right choice.
Character Data:ヘカーティア
Character Data: Hecatia
Species: Divine Spirit [1]
Place of Activity: Hell
Main Abilities: Ability to have three bodies
Appearances: "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom", etc.
Character Data:クラウンピース
Character Data: Clownpiece
Species: Fairy
Place of Activity: Hell
Main Abilities: Ability to drive people to madness
Appearances: "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom", etc.
Spell Cards:ヘカーティア
Spell Cards: Hecatia
Otherworld "Hell's Non-Ideal Danmaku"
"Trinitarian Rhapsody"
Spell Cards:クラウンピース
Spell Cards: Clownpiece
Inferno "Striped Abyss"
"Fake Apollo"
Hecatia is the Extra stage boss of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, working with Junko to send Hell fairies to the Moon. She became interested in the person who defeated Junko, so she engaged in a danmaku match with her.
月・地球・異界それぞれの地獄を司る女神で、それぞれの世界に身体を持ち、自由に行き来が可能だ。以前は地獄を統率していたが、今はアウトローを気取って自由奔放に暮らしている。 A goddess who administers the Hells of the Moon, Earth, and Otherworlds, she has a body in each world that is capable of moving freely. She governs Hell, but she is currently spending her time freewheeling and acting like an outlaw.
ヘカーティアの部下クラウンピースは「紺珠伝」5面のボスとして初登場。穢れを嫌う月の民にとって生命の象徴である妖精たちは天敵で、純狐の力で大幅に力を増したクラウンピースは、とても妖精とは思えない強大な力を振ってくる。 Hecatia's subordinate, Clownpiece, first appeared as the 5th stage boss of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Fairies are symbols of life, so for the people of the Moon who dislike impurity, they consider fairies their natural enemies, and Clownpiece, who had gained a great deal of power thanks to Junko's ability, wields immense power that one can hardly believe could belong to a fairy.

  1. Note that the article is not going by the Touhou definition of "divine spirit" (the soul of a human that became deified after death), but it's using the wider Shinto definition of the term, which is basically another way to refer to a kami/god. Hecatia herself was born as a god, thus she was never human to begin with.