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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Hieda no Akyuu

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(ひえ) (だの) () (きゅう)

Hieda no Akyuu




She's a good young lady, and thus always wears a beautiful kimono.


The humans of this world mostly wear Japanese clothes, so she shouldn't stand out too much even in the Human Village.


She should be fated to have a short life, but she seems to have been living for relatively long, and it even feels like she's only been getting better.
Is this a result of medical advances?


Genji Asai


It's been a long time since I've had a chance to draw Akyuu.


The last time I did so was more than 10 years ago. T-ten years...


Ack! I got a headache!
I can't think anymore!!
Akyuu iz ssuchh a cyuute girl, izn't shee~?


Mumble mumble...

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Human
Place of Activity: Human Village
Main Abilities: Ability to remember anything seen once

Spell Cards

Spell Cards


Hieda no Akyuu made her first appearance in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (published by Ichijinsha), as the author of the "Gensokyo Chronicle". The history book known as the "Kojiki" was compiled by Oo no Yasumaro, and it's said that it was based on the "Kyuuji" and "Teiki" recited by Hieda no Are, who served Emperor Tenmu as a Toneri. A child born from the reincarnation of Hieda no Are who inherits Are's perfect recollection ability is known as the "Child of Miare", and becomes the head of the Hieda family for many generations now. Counting from the first generation, Aichi, Akyuu is the ninth generation.

阿求や先代の御阿礼の子は、里の人間たちが安全に生活できるよう目立った妖怪をまとめた書物を綴ってきた。題名を「幻想郷縁起」、主な内容は妖怪図鑑、英雄伝、危険区域案内等。御阿礼の子はその能力ゆえにかは不明だが他の人間と比べて寿命が短く、だいたい 30 年弱しか生きられない。その後転生までのあいだは地獄で次の体が用意されるのを待つという。そのため「幻想郷縁起」は 120 年から 180 年に一冊の編纂となっている。

Akyuu, along with the preceding Children of Miare, have written books about Gensokyo's prominent youkai so that the people of the Human Village can live safely. These books are known as the "Gensokyo Chronicle", and they mainly consist of youkai field guides, biographies on Gensokyo's heroines, information on danger zones, etc. It's unknown as to whether this is due to their abilities, but the Children of Miare tend to have shorter lifespans than other humans, living for approximately 30 years. After that, they wait in Hell until their next body is prepared for reincarnation. That's why a volume of the Gensokyo Chronicle is compiled only once every 120-180 years.