Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Hina Kagiyama

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(かぎ) (やま) (ひな)
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Hina Kagiyama
厄を引き受ける神様 The god who takes over misfortune
鍵山雛は、疫病神だ。「風神録」では2面ボスとして登場する。妖怪の山にやってきた霊夢に対して「迷い込んだ人間がいるけど、山は危険だから怪我する前に追い返そう」としたところ余計なお世話と退治されてしまう。 Hina Kagiyama is a pestilence god. She appears as the stage 2 boss of Mountain of Faith. When Reimu came to the Youkai Mountain, Hina took her to be a lost human, and tried to turn her away from the dangerous mountain before she got hurt. Her unwelcome concern got her exterminated.
疫病神はその性質上、人間とは利害が一致しているため友好的だ。人間はさまざまな方法で厄を払うが、彼女はその払われた厄を引き受けて、それをパワーに活動している。雛は主に河川に流される雛人形から厄を集めているようだ。 Thanks to her inherent nature as a pestilence god, her interests coincide with humans, so she's quite friendly. Humans try all sorts of things to remove misfortune, and she lives by taking that discarded misfortune and turning it into power. Hina primarily gets her misfortune from hina dolls sent down the river.
厄がパワーの源なので、雛自身が不幸・不吉の塊とも言える存在になっており、人間も妖怪も近づくものは区別なくみな不幸になってしまう。そのため、雛自身は人間に対してむしろ好意的に思っているが、人間からはタブーとして扱われており、「見ざる・言わざる・聞かざる」対象として、基本的な接触が厳しく避けられている。 As she is powered by misfortune, Hina herself can be said to be a mass of sorrow and ill omens. So any humans or youkai who approach will indiscriminately have misfortune befall them. For that reason, even if Hina herself is friendly towards humans, humans treat her as a taboo that mustn't be seen, heard, or spoken of. Direct contact is out of the question, and she is strictly avoided.
ただし、雛自身は明るくて人懐こい性格の持ち主だという。彼女の境遇でそのような人格を保つのは並大抵のことではないが、神様が物質よりも精神に重きを置いた存在であることを思い出せば、納得なのかもしれない。 However, Hina herself has a bright and affable personality. It's a strange thing to keep such a personality in her circumstances, but perhaps it's understandable when you remember that gods are beings who place mind over matter.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
流し雛ですが、そこを掘り下げればひとつストーリーやゲームが作れそうな設定を惜しげもなく2面ボスに使うっていう(笑)。神様として季節に関係なく出せて、いかにも敵っぽくて、ストーリーに一切関係ないキャラがよかったから。厄っていうのもひとつの信仰の姿だと思うんですよ。 The concept of nagashi-bina dolls has enough potential to make an entire story or game on its own, but I tossed her into Stage 2 without a second thought (laugh). I needed a character who was a god, but who had no connection to the seasons, a hostile air to her, and absolutely nothing to do with the actual story. Superstitions about misfortune are yet another form of faith, in my opinion.