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(ホン) (メイ) (リン)

Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Hong Meiling




Place of Activity
Scarlet Devil Mansion


Special Abilities
Ability to Manipulate Qi




The stage 3 boss of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" is the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Hong Meiling. Residing in the mansion along with the vampire Remilia, she normally works as a gatekeeper. Her job is to repel any reckless fool who tries to enter the mansion, but during her first appearance in "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" she was soundly beaten by certain individuals attempting to break into the mansion (*Reimu and Marisa).


Although at first glance she looks no different from a human, Meiling is a full-fledged youkai. However, she doesn't really make use any of the mysterious spells or abilities that such beings often use (or so we're led to believe). Her "ability to use qi" (*not shoot qi) is the ability to control what's known as "Qigong", which is learned by expert martial artists. As this power is chiefly used in martial arts, you could say she is unusually physically oriented for Gensokyo. On the other hand, you could also say her master Remilia is the physical type too.



Her job is to be a gatekeeper, but she doesn't have the personality to throw out everyone she sees. In fact, she's able to have friendly conversations with passing humans, probably because she's unable to do so with most of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. As you can feel sorry for her, both in terms of her position and in the game, then despite the fact that she doesn't have much of a role, or maybe because of that fact, she is quite an appealing character. In fact, she was made into one of the main characters in "Hisoutensoku", a collaborative work with Tasogare Frontier. Even though it was made as an expansion to "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody", it can also be played stand-alone. I'm sure you could enjoy her different-from-usual (although in some sense that's par for the course) storyline.

Comment from ZUN

Comment from ZUN


"Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" has a lot of Western themed parts, and when you think of Western monsters other than vampires, you think dragons. But dragons are also Oriental, so I took that thought and put it right at the midpoint of the game, in Meiling...'s hat. Which has "dragon" written on it. As a result of thinking about all sorts of ways to be unexpected, I came up with the idea that just having something Chinese guarding a Western mansion might be interesting, and that's where Meiling came from.