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Magazine Content[edit]

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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Iku Nagae
Place of Activity
In the Clouds
Main Abilities
Ability to read the atmosphere
Announcing earthquakes in advance
衣玖は「竜宮の使い」という種族の妖怪だ。非常に長く美しい羽衣を身にまとい、普段は雲の中――龍の世界と人間の世界のはざま――を泳いで暮らしている。「東方緋想天」の騒動の際には六十年に一度クラスの大規模な地震の発生を感知したため、それを伝えようと天界や幻想郷を周ったが、犯人は上司である比那名居の娘だったため、そのワガママな育ちぶりに頭を悩ませることになる。 Iku is an oarfish yokai. Adorned in a very long and beautiful Hagomoro, she's usually swimming in the clouds in between the Dragon World and the Human World. During the events of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she had perceived the occurrence of a large scale earthquake that would occur once every sixty years, so she traveled around Heaven and Gensokyo to warn everyone, but since the culprit was the daughter of the Hinanawi clan, her superiors, she became concerned about her selfish upbringing.
竜宮の使いについて About the Oarfishes
竜宮の使いはときおり人間の世界に現れて、龍からの伝言や地震の発生を告げるだけ告げて去っていくのが主な活動だ。空気を読む程度の能力を持ち、優れた状況把握能力ですぐに周囲になじむことができる。また空中を浮遊する力もこの能力によるもので、羽衣を持っていなくても飛べるかは不明。「緋想天」の異変で幻想郷の「空気を読まない」妖怪たちと接した衣玖は「空気を読まないという空気を読んだ」結果、上司に手を上げるなどの変化がおとずれたようだ。 The oarfishes' main duty is to appear in the Human World from time to time in order to convey messages from the dragons or just signal that an earthquake was going to occur. Thanks to their ability to read the atmosphere, they can adjust to their surroundings with excellent situational awareness capabilities. Their ability to float through the air is also due to their abilities, and it's unknown as to whether or not they can fly, even without a Hagoromo. When Iku came into contact with Gensokyo's yokai and their "unreadable atmospheres" during the "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody" incident, it was discovered that Iku even "read atmospheres that are unreadable", and as a result, various changes, such as raising hands to her superiors, have been taking place.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
魚の「リュウグウノツカイ」は謎が多くて地震と合わせて語られますが、「天に龍が住む」というイメージと天女をかけあわせて。羽衣と魚のヒレとを重ねていたり。ちょうど開発していたころに魚の研究が進んで、生きている姿が初めて撮影されたりして。生きてる時は赤いとか、泳いでいる時は垂直だとかが取り入れられています。 The oarfish has many mysteries to it, many of them being in conjunction with earthquakes, but Iku is a combination of the image of a "dragon that lives in heaven" and a celestial woman. Her Hagoromo is layered like a fish fillet. When I was first developing her, I voluntarily did some research on fish, and for the first time, I saw a living photograph of the oarfish's form. I gathered that it's red when it's living, and that it swims vertically.

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