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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Junko

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今までも何度か中国っぽい格好のキャラは出てきましたが、彼女は何処からどう見ても中国をイメージしたキャラクターです。背中のオーラはシルエットを大きく見せるためのハッタリです(笑)。 Up to this point, plenty of characters with Chinese aspects have appeared, but Junko is a character with a Chinese image no matter how you look at her. The aura behind her is just a bluff to make her silhouette look bigger (haha).
何でもかんでも純粋な物に分解する能力とは、物理学の考え方と一致するところがあります。哲学にも通じるところがあります。よく判らない能力の彼女ですが、実はアカデミックに関係する能力なのかも知れませんね。 The ability to revert something to a pure state is in some ways consistent with the idea of physics. This kind of thing can even lead into philosophy. Her ability is unclear, but frankly, it could also have some academic relations.
純狐さんはその能力から、奇を衒ったポージングやアングルは考えずに素直に正面の立ち姿で描こうと決めていました。 Because of her ability, I decided to draw Junko purely from the front without focusing on any unconventional poses or angles.
スペルカード「殺意の百合」という語感が妙に印象に残っていたので、取り入れてみた次第です。 Her spellcard, "Lilies of Murderous Intent", left me strangely impressed, so I decided to incorporate that.
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Divine Spirit
Place of Activity: Senkai
Main Abilities: Ability to purify anything
Appearances: "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom", etc.
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
"Pure Light of the Palm"
Pure Sign "Purely Bullet Hell"
The final boss of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, who started a series of uproars. Junko, who has a grudge against the moon goddess Chang'e, has often attacked the Lunar Capital for a long time, but she gained an overwhelming advantage once she partnered with the goddess of Hell, Hecatia, who also has a grudge against the moon's people. However, while the lunarians were fleeing to the Dream World, she clashed on the moon's surface with the residents of Gensokyo that came from Earth, and so she had admitted her defeat and resolved to accept the consequences.
なお「純化させる能力」とは、自然や道具などすべてのものが名づけられる以前から持っている純粋な力を自在に引き出すこと。 Her ability to "purify anything" refers to freely drawing out the pure energy something possesses, such as with nature and tools, reverting them to a state to before they were named.