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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Kasen Ibaraki

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(いばら) () () (せん)

Kasen Ibaraki

修業している道士のイメージを持たせつつ、鬼のモチーフも入れた服装です。 Her dress was designed to give the impression of a long-time taoist, while also including motifs of an oni.
茨木という名前から茨のある薔薇の模様を入れています。本人からは薔薇っぽい耽美なイメージは一切感じませんね。 The name "Ibaraki" suggests a rose-and-thorn pattern. Though I personally don't notice any rose-like aestheticism coming from her.
それにしても、胸の包帯についてはたまに触れられることもありますが、腕の鎖についてはスルーしてるんですけど、実際、霊夢達はどう思ってるんですかね。そういう痛い奴だと思って触れないだけなんですかね。 Nevertheless, her chest bandages sometimes get touched upon, though she never does that with chain on her arm. Actually, what do Reimu and co. think about that? They probably think it's a sore spot for her or something, so they simply don't bring it up.
Aya Azuma
連載前にデザインを定める際、胸元の花飾り(花の種類は花言葉などの意味が出てしまうので定めていません)は自分の案で付けさせてもらいました。 When coming up with Kasen's design before serialization, I was given permission to include the floral decoration on her chest based on my suggestions (the type of flower wasn't specified due to things like the Flower Language, etc.)
華扇については無限に語れてしまうのでこのあたりで割愛します…長い間彼女の物語に寄り添う事が出来てとても幸せでした。 I could talk about Kasen forever, so I'll just leave it at that...I'm very happy to have been a part of her story for so long.
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Hermit
Place of Activity: Youkai Mountain, Hakurei Shrine
Main Abilities: Ability to guide animals
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Dragon Sign "Dragon's Growl"
Wrap Sign "Prosthetic Arm Proteus"
First appearing as the protagonist of the manga "Wild and Horned Hermit" (published by Ichijinsha), Kasen is a hermit who lives on Youkai Mountain. She is an earnestly compassionate, emotionally vulnerable person, and a rare type of hermit who takes the side of humans. The story unfolds as Kasen, concerned about Reimu's laziness when no incidents are occurring, makes frequent visits to the Hakurei Shrine.
仙人としてさまざまな能力を持つが、動物と意思疎通する能力が仙人由来の物なのか本人の資質によるものなのかは明らかにされていない。仙人はそれぞれ自らが作った異界(仙界)で暮らしていることが多いが、華扇の屋敷も妖怪の山に経っているものの、入るには特殊な手順が必要のようだ。また仙人ゆえに地獄からの使者に定期的に襲われるという宿命を背負っているが、「茨歌仙」作中ではそんな使者が来るどころか死神の小野塚小町と交流する様子も描かれている。ゲームでは「深秘録」に初登場し、その後も「憑依華」に登場、自機キャラとして操作が可能なうえスペルカードも実装されている。 As a hermit, she possesses many abilities, but it's not clear as to whether her ability to communicate with animals is her own ability, or if it was derived from her status as a hermit. Many hermits live within an otherworld of their own making (i.e, Senkai). This includes Kasen's manor on Youkai Mountain, but it seems that a special procedure is required to enter it. Also, because she's a hermit, she's destined to be attacked by envoys of Hell on a regular basis, but in Wild and Horned Hermit, instead of such envoys coming for her, Kasen is often seen interacting with shinigami such as Komachi Onozuka. In terms of the games, she first appeared in "Urban Legend in Limbo", then in "Antinomy of Common Flowers", where she can be controlled as a playable character, and also has her own Spellcards.
ちなみに、ややこしいが「華扇」は名前、「茨華仙」は仙人としての号で、主に霊夢や魔理沙など他者から呼びかけられる時に使用される。 Although it seems complicated, "Kasen" is her given name, and "Ibarakasen" is her hermit name. She is mainly addressed via the latter by other people such as Reimu and Marisa.